True, No-fusion Italian Food in Austin, Texas

Austin’s culinary scene offers an incredible choice of Italian fare, from casual to fine dining. But when Austin diners want to experience true Italian cuisine, they’ll find the real deal—no fusion—at Il Brutto.

How do discerning diners find the very best authentic Italian food in Austin? Seek out an eatery with these essential features:

Fresh, Housemade Pasta

The very best Austin Italian dishes  feature the finest fresh ingredients, simply prepared with classic techniques. A must: homemade pasta, a world away from its dried counterpart. Savor a bowl of Il Brutto’s cacio e pepe–freshly made tonnarelli with a simple sauce of pecorino romano and black pepper—and experience pasta the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.  

Authentic pasta is so much more than the familiar spaghetti. Austin diners will want to sample traditional Tuscan pici and pappardelle, as well as ricotta-filled ravioli and a taste of the sea with fresh squid ink tagliolini with fresh clams and mussels. Daily gluten-free options are always offered.

Regional Specialties

Traditional Italian cuisine actually consists of a multitude of regional specialties. Authentic Austin Italian fare offers the diner a tour of Italy’s distinctly different regional dishes. Caponata Siciliana and Polpo with olives from the South, Lamb Scottadito with raspberry coulis from the Central regions and from the North, beef tenderloin with charred spring onions, Campari tomatoes and a balsamic blueberry reduction.

Stone Oven Cooked Pizza

For the true Italian dining experience in Austin, look for that stone or brick oven in the kitchen. Authentic Italian pizza has a characteristic crispy, charred crust and soft interior produced by the intense heat of these traditional Italian pizza ovens. At Il Brutto, these incredible pizzas are topped with the finest San Marzano tomato sauce, and fresh ingredients like prosciutto and arugula creamy burrata and ‘nduja sausage.

Break Bread with Friends and Family

Italians truly believe in the pleasures of good food with good friends. In Italy, the saying is “A tavola non si invecchia” — “At the table one does not age.” For your best Austin Italian dining experience, seek a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcomed like famiglia. Il Brutto is an Austin neighborhood Italian spot, featuring a cozy bar and a relaxing, oak-shaded patio. Enjoy a fine meal with live music and off-the-menu specials on the terrazza, and Thursday evening jazz beneath the oaks while dining on our chef’s special offering of homemade gnocchi.

For reservations and information, contact Il Brutto.