Online Language Courses Can Make the Difference While Studying Abroad

Your child may dream of touring Paris or hiking the Alps. Many high schools and universities offer student exchange programs with sister schools around the world. But it’s no easy task to learn a new language and adapt to an unfamiliar culture. Let’s take a look at the advantages and challenges of studying abroad. Learn why Language Bird online language courses can give your child the leg up they need to survive and thrive. 

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Living in another country allows your child to make new friends, experience new places, and open their minds in many ways. An important part of this is the process of learning a second language. There are many cognitive advantages to be gained from studying a foreign language. A bilingual person may be able to better focus, categorize, and adjust to changes in their environment. As a result, a bilingual person has an easier time learning further languages than a monolingual person. And these advantages are useful not just with languages but with any sort of learning. 

The Challenges

Learning a new language and adapting to a different culture can be very difficult. Your child must learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, pronunciation, and how to functionally use it in social, educational, and perhaps even business settings. Studying abroad can be a sink or swim experience. If your child struggles with learning and using the language they may fail classes, have a hard time making friends, and lose confidence. They also may suffer culture shock after encountering different cultural norms and practices. 

How Online Language Courses Help Your Child

Elementary and high school language class sizes are often large and the focus may be on learning grammar and vocabulary rather than communication. Your child may not get enough attention and practice in their school’s language courses to allow them to functionally communicate. Language Bird’s one-on-one personalized online language courses are taught by experienced teachers fluent in the language. Our classes have flexible schedules and move at your child’s pace. Our teachers give your child the instruction, practice, and feedback they need to succeed with learning the language at a functional level that allows them to overcome communication and cultural struggles in their host country. Just as importantly, your child can build a personal relationship with their teacher. Languages are meant to be spoken with real people and not with tests or software. 

Give Your Child’s Career Prospects a Boost

The benefits of studying abroad don’t stop when your child returns home. Speaking a second language is a useful skill in any career field. Multinational corporations need people who can bridge cultural gaps and access new markets. Your child could return to their host country to advance their career or pursue further studies at educational institutions. 

Language Bird’s online language courses prepare your child for future study abroad, academic, and business success. Our accredited courses are offered in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, and Russian, among other languages. Contact Language Bird today for more information on how our online language courses can help your child.