Tips For Motivating Dental Hygiene In Children

One of the issues that most parents struggle is to implement a routine dental cleaning in their child, but why this happens?

In childhood, there is no significant interest about hygiene, and this is because they are more focused on taking that time to play, so everything related to cleanliness is passed on to the background. This not only causes difficulties for the parents but also affects the health of the child since, as we know, the fact of not carrying out a cleaning routine causes severe damage to the oral cavity.

The most common diseases or problems in children include:

  • Caries: They are a deterioration of the teeth where it can be caused by bacteria that feed on the outer layer of the tooth or by those foods that have sugar or acid levels. If the decay is not treated, it can cause the tooth to die.
  • Gingivitis: It is the inflammation of the gums caused by the bacterial plaque that is generated by not correctly removing food waste.

Then there are those that have no relation with hygiene, but not being careful in this aspect can aggravate existing dental difficulties.

One thing that parents can do to make a child take an interest in oral hygiene is to implement methods that motivate him or her to perform a dental cleaning. As mentioned, children love to play so parents can transform the routine into a constant game where both have fun, and the process does not become heavy.

Everything’s better with a little fun

The fact that the father or mother accompanies them in the cleanliness could help the infant to take the motivation to follow the example of their parents. This can be done in a very creative way, for example:

  • By competing to see who brushes their teeth best.
  • Races to see who gets to the bathroom first to start cleaning.
  • Telling stories that awaken the desire for dental hygiene; tools (toothbrush, rinse) can be implemented to make the story more attractive.
  • Naming each tooth can also work.

There is an immense number of creative methods that can be incorporated to facilitate this process.

Rewards that motivate

Another technique that can be tried is to give prizes to the child if he or she brushes his or her teeth well. You have to be very careful about this because parents can not provide the child something sweet or damaging their teeth because it would be counterproductive; you should look for those awards that attract attention but in a healthy way.

Cleaning accompanied by their favorite characters

This strategy is beneficial when it comes to a dental cleaning. Letting the child choose their toothbrush and the toothpaste they want can make a big difference. In the market, there are many brands that have a particular line for children, so there are much variety of characters and utensils.

Teaching to understand

It is vital for parents to explain to the infant the importance of good oral cavity care so that the infant understands why it is necessary.

There are many things that parents can do, but it is essential always to be creative because children like that very much. Visits to the tijuana dentist are very important for the dentist to keep track of the child’s hygiene.