Dental Problems In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most complicated stages for women as they suffer from hormone imbalance and go through physical and emotional changes that are reflected in women’s health. One of the areas of the body where you can see reflected diseases or possible difficulties that may present the person is in the oral cavity.

Women who are in this period often have problems with the gums, presenting inflammation and possibly some difficulties with the teeth.

Gum Problems

Due to hormonal changes, from the second or third month of pregnancy is when the production of certain hormones that can change oral health. It is in this period when the woman suffers alterations in her gums, where there may be bleeding at the time of cleaning the oral cavity, this is because estrogens and progestins change the environment of the teeth (gums), producing an inflammation that leads to bleeding.

Gestational Gingivitis

The previously mentioned alterations in the gums are known as gestational gingivitis. Where the combination of bacterial plaque and increased hormones cause this disease. There is no difference between regular gingivitis only that it has been observed that more than 50% of women who are pregnant suffer this inflammation in the gums and some other diseases in the mouth. It is worth mentioning that in pregnancy, in addition to the hormonal increase, the body carries a decrease in the immune response.

It is said that oral health can give indications of the state of the fetus.

To prevent gingivitis, it is recommended to have adequate oral cleaning, where the person follows all the indications of the dentist. And if you already have this disease, it is best to treat the problem to avoid periodontal diseases that can end in the loss of teeth.

Epulis in pregnant women

In many occasions, due to the inflammation of the gums, a minimum percentage of people may present this disease called épulis, which is basically the appearance of ulcers, granulomas or tumors that can be worsened by inadequate oral hygiene or by eating a diet that is not correct for this stage. These difficulties begin to be generated from the second month.

This pathology increases with the passage of months and may decrease in recent months, but for this, it is necessary to carry out an appropriate treatment as it may require surgery. The shape of the epulis is characterized since it assimilates the appearance of a fungus that is implanted in the gums; its color is reddish or magenta and can present some changes of darker colors. In rare cases, it may also occur in areas such as the tongue, lips, or palate.

Definitely a poor cleaning in the oral cavity can develop various diseases that can damage not only the health of the person but can also affect previously performed treatments, such as root canals tijuana, and some other procedures because the inflammation of the gums, as mentioned above, causes bleeding, loss of teeth and even tumors that can alter the health and appearance of women. That is why it is essential to go to the dentist during pregnancy to avoid problems in the mouth area.