Dental Cleaning

If you want to have an aesthetically pleasing mouth, it is necessary that before going to a dentist in Tijuana, the patient knows that first start with oral hygiene. Although society really knows that this act of cleanliness must be performed, few really understand the impact of poor hygiene. Since childhood, we are taught that it is necessary to clean the teeth, but few parents explain to the child how this process should be.

Good oral hygiene should include cleaning the entire mouth, not just the teeth. At the time of washing our mouth, it is essential that we first start with a rinse with water, intending to remove the large particles that, with brushing, can remove the tooth enamel. Subsequently, the dental brushing is continued, the person must use the correct brush according to the needs of his mouth, as well as a toothpaste that is effective enough for his oral health.

The movements used when brushing the teeth are fundamental, the movements must be circular for the frontal areas, and the chewing area must be done in line. This is important so that the enamel that protects the teeth is not damaged. Frequently, people clean their teeth, but it is vital that they also clean their gums and mainly their tongue.

The tongue is where we can find more bacteria, so there must be a special cleaning in this area. Remember that the surface of this muscle is not smooth, but has a cover with grooves, which makes it easier for food remains of microorganisms to be deposited in this area. Inadequate cleaning of the tongue can cause the proliferation of bacteria, which implies the emergence of different diseases such as caries, gingivitis, or significant problems such as periodontitis. To ensure that we are removing as many bacteria as possible, a tongue cleaner can be used.

Why use a tongue cleaner?

  • Because scientifically, it has been observed that this utensil removes with greater effectiveness the concentration of bacteria that are deposited in a league. This allows there to be no bad breath and prevents the emergence of diseases.
  • It is specifically designed for the language, so it is not a difficult tool to use.
  • Many of these utensils have two parts, one in which its shape or wavy surface allows the removal of bacteria that are between the waviness of the same tongue. The other part is of a smooth surface, allowing for sweeping all the bacteria that are above the tongue. This results in a more optimal cleaning.
  • Cleaning the tongue is not about rubbing but rather scraping it, which is why a toothbrush is not the best choice of all. The only thing the brush will do is rub the bacteria, which would cause large deposits of food debris and microorganisms.

After the lingual tool has been used, the next step is to use dental floss to remove microorganisms and food debris between the teeth and finally finish the mouthwash. These steps and tools will considerably improve the health and appearance of the teeth and the entire oral cavity itself.