Children’s First Visit To The Dentist

Dental problems appear from the first years of life and although the teeth at that age are not permanent, it is important to take care because this will determine and create a path on what dental care will have later, so since children are small is important to inculcate good dental habits and that they have the discipline to visit the dentist from time to time for check-ups and thus avoid major problems in the teeth. 

One reality is that many people do not go to the dentist until they already have serious problems due to the high costs of this service, for this type of people is important to know that there are many options such as visiting a border dentist in Tijuana, which will be much cheaper, plus that in the end you spend much less money if you go to checkups and avoid big problems, because these are the ones that end up costing more than if we had gone to the dentist regularly. 

The first visit to the dentist is recommended to be made when the child reaches his first year of life, although previously it was recommended that the first dental check is made when the milk denture is complete, which usually happens around 3 years of life, more recently this recommendation has been modified, as it has noted the presence of cavities in children under 3 years, so for reasons of prevention is recommending that the first visit to the dentist be made in the first twelve months of life to thus establish preventive measures. After this first check-up it is recommended that annual check-ups are carried out, in this way it will be possible to avoid the formation of major problems in the denture, in addition to the fact that it is also of vital importance to instill in children that they have good dental hygiene, that they brush their teeth 3 times a day after each meal and that they use dental floss. Also is very important to take other preventive measures such as avoiding chewing candy or any other type of candy as these are things that also affect the teeth.

During this first visit the dentist will be responsible for doing a general review of the teeth and gums to verify if there are cavities that have been caused by the bottle and also evaluate whether there are possible dental problems such as cross bite, open or even growth alterations and this way will start the child’s dental history to begin to correct possible dental problems and instill good cleaning habits. 

It is important that parents strive to transmit to their children a sense of confidence and security, in addition to the fact that it is also important to find a good dentist so that there can be a good relationship between the child and the dentist in that way the kid will not be afraid to go, this will make dental care much easier. It is also the responsibility of parents to be constantly checking the teeth of children to ensure that there is no problem such as cavities or other similar, if stains or spots are found on the teeth is advisable to visit the dentist as soon as possible.