How can I remove bacteria from toothbrushes?

Just as it is crucial to eliminate the bacteria found in our oral cavity, it is also essential in the products that are used for dental cleaning. Mainly in the toothbrush that is in direct contact with the bacteria for their elimination. If the microorganisms deposited in the bristles of the toothbrush are not removed correctly, it can cause more significant problems in the mouth. This can severely damage health because if the person has a wound in this part of the body and is subsequently cleaned with a brush infected with bacteria, it can cause infections in the area.

For this reason, it is important to implement techniques that help us fight the bacteria found in our toothbrush:

Hot water: At high temperatures, bacteria tend to die and disappear, so we must rinse our toothbrush with warm water to reduce the number of microorganisms considerably. For this, we can use the water from the sink or heat water in a glass to a medium temperature and place the brush in the liquid. Doing this last step, you can eliminate 50% of bacteria, it is vital to let the brush rest for five minutes.

Insulation: By this, we mean that it is recommended that toothbrushes do not come into contact with another because the clean toothbrush can become infested with microbes that other toothbrushes have. Therefore, it is vital that, if a specific space is placed, there is no contact of the brushes. In the market, there are special glasses to put these instruments, which are designed to avoid contact with each other.

Sunlight: Recent studies have determined that brushes that are in contact with sunlight often don’t have one of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. This is because the sun’s rays help eliminate bacteria because these microorganisms do not like to be in contact with light.

Disinfect: Another thing you can do to fight the bacteria found in toothbrushes is disinfected them with salt. It has been observed that by immersing the toothbrush in salted water for several minutes, 35% of the bacteria living inside the toothbrush can be reduced. Some Tijuana dentists recommend that this can be done before each cleaning to improve the destruction of these organisms in the mouth.

Change: Experts in the area of oral health advice that the toothbrush should be changed every three weeks because if the person does not do it, it is only causing bacteria to accumulate and accumulate. Although in the past it was recommended to change it every three months, today this aspect has been modified to do it every three weeks.

Position: The brush mustn’t remain on any surface, mainly in a horizontal position, as it does not allow the bristles to dry entirely thoroughly, accumulating moisture inside. Similarly, it shouldn’t be placed in areas with high levels of humidity because it will cause the sows to begin to present fungus that, in many cases, is not visible to human eyes.

At present, there are different devices based on UV rays that allow the elimination of bacteria, which is an excellent option to keep safe these utensils that we use for the oral hygiene of our family.