Organizing Wednesday: Why do we hold on to clutter?

Once again, the week went by and I wasn’t able to tackle an organizing project I had planned.  (I really have about 5 just waiting to be done….)

So, instead of leaving my blog blank today, I wanted to share the following video from Kathryn’s YouTube channel,  Do it on a Dime.  This is a great video about how to purge sentimental items or items given to you that offer no value and you are keeping out of guilt.  It’s a great primer for me to start editing (purge) some of my photo boxes in the basement and other stuff I have lying around.

Do you have sentimental items you can’t part with?

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  1. I detest clutter.. seriously, it stresses me out! So I’ve done well purging my stash of “junk” over the years. Of course, I keep a few really important items around (my late mom’s clothing that I plan to turn into a quilt when I can afford it, her jewelry I plan to melt down into one memorial piece, my first stuffed animal, a few favorite books as a kid, photos, etc).

    • It sounds like you kept all the good stuff! I don’t care much for clutter either. However, if I don’t see it, I forget about it which is why I MUST make a trip to my basement….It definitely needs another cleanout! :)!

  2. I am a secret saver. My house looks very clean, neat, minimalist. Until you venture into my basement. There I have stored the artwork, homework, notes, notebooks, etc of my 3 grown boys! Also have huge bins of Legos and Playmobil, among other “saved” toys and childhood momentos. I keep thinking I will become a grandmother some day, and the toys will come in handy. I must have 1,000 woth of Legos alone! Oh well, at least everything is neat and organized.

  3. I think, I hold on to stuff “just in case”. In case I lose weight, in case I’ll need it, in case we move… But I’ve been purging a lot this time and it feel GOOD!

  4. This is a very good video with much value. You should keep this……hehehehe

    Seriously, digitally store all that paper ephemera you can’t part with….
    I have a stack of vinyl LP’s/VHS tapes I need to transfer onto flash drives/cd’s and then ditch.
    That will be my Winter time project.

    • Hahahaha.
      I have so many digital photos that that’s a whole other project in itself. BUT the boxes of photos in the basement take up more room, so I will be going through that soon.

  5. Yes! I have probably10 boxes of pictures and memorabilia that I need to go through. I use to scrapbook and thought that I would get back into it but I haven’t so far. I also have been holding on to a large box full of Rescue Heroes. My son who played with them is now 20. What is wrong with me??

    • I just got rid of all of my scrapbooking stuff. I never used it. Don’t get rid of the Rescue Heroes…they may be worth something someday! :)! Hmmmm, I guess that’s not helping, is it?

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