Never say it.

Last week, as I mulled over my balance in my checkbook, I was excited to see that I had a nice tidy sum. (This was partially due to the fact I’ve been staying out of grocery stores. :) ) I patted myself on the back and called out to the universe...I have money!!!!  Never say you have extra money out loud.  Seriously. It will come back to bite you in the wallet. 

At the same time I was patting myself on the back, my husband was taking our Pilot in for a routine oil change, safety and emissions inspection and windshield wipers(just for good measure).  I had $150.00 already saved for this service (which was a lot more than was needed for the work) so I was pretty happy.  Then the call came.

Houston we have a problem.

Apparently during the inspection, the steering wheel fluid was leaking because of a cracked rack and pinion gear box and it needed to be fixed or we would not pass inspection. We were given the option to have it ‘patched’ for $90.00, but there was a good chance it could crack and then the steering wheel would lose all power at any time.  Since our children drive this car, it wasn’t an option. The repair (done the right way) would take hours of labor.  Hours of labor = $$$$.

Yep, my nice tidy sum was gone in an instant, as well as a nice tidy sum from my emergency fund.

Good grief.

Moral of this story?  Never, ever, let the universe know you have money.  Just sayin…

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  1. where do you find your graphics? i love them!
    anyway, i purposely keep NO money near me. I lock it away where no one can get it. I do this on purpose because i truly believe if you keep the money around you, like in a pocket, it gets spent one way or another. for me, it has worked liked a charm. when was the last time you heard of a broke person needing a nose done or a kitchen remodel? exactly. if i don’t have it i don’t need/want it.

    • Yeah, well, I didn’t really have the money near me, LOL, but just because I was being so cocky that I had a lot of money still in my checkbook was the kicker!

  2. Cars will get you every time.

    • Yes they will, and this one got me good. The good news is that my 2004 car now has a new rack and I won’t have to worry about the power steering going out on my son or daughter when they drive the car. :)

  3. Ugh! It never fails! So sorry!

  4. Oh, I hear ya!!! I hope it wasn’t as expensive as you thought.

    I also tell the women in my office when they come in and say “oh, it is quiet in here today” that they jinxed it and now all chaos will break loose.

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