Healthy Organic Meals on a SNAP budget.

I came across a YouTuber who took a SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) challenge project.  For one week, his family of three would see if they could eat well (organic, whole foods) on a government assisted food program amount.  I believe for a family of three he would get a little over $100/week.

Here are his results.

His meals were a bit repetitive, and there were lots of eggs used, but all in all they did it. I was quite impessed with the creative meals they did have, and no one starved. (Check it out here if you can’t get the link above.)

There is no excuse for not eating well on a budget.  If I budget $150.00 a week for three, I should be golden.

If you buy organic and whole foods, do you spend a lot of money or do you stay on budget?


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  1. Wholesome Mommy blog did a series on the SNAP program…she has created a month of menus on a SNAP budget for a family (of 4 I think). Interesting stuff. It is possible but takes work and creativity, not to mention self-discipline.

  2. Jeannette Sieh says:

    I was just saying on FB the other day, if I didn’t have to pay bills and buy food just think of all the money I save. :)
    I am trying to keep under $75 a week for our food budget as we have been hit with a major life challenge. Luckily its only my dh and I but I share a lot of our meals with my adult children. I think I am very creative with recycling our leftovers.

  3. Good for him, they did really well on only $100.00! Foods are far more expensive here… my American friend was down from the US and said our “regular” grocery store prices are comparable to “Whole Food” prices. Ouch! :( I do try to buy as much local/organic as I can… for myself I only buy local & organic meats. Prices are brutal though and we could never buy ALL organic… when I was shopping this week, 4 bone-in chicken breasts were slightly under $20.00. Organic would have almost doubled that price… so I simply do what I can with what we have.

    • Wow Carla, those prices are outrageous! 4 chicken breasts for just under $20? I buy my meat at BJ’s which is a warehouse store and probably get double that for the same price. I did buy some flashfrozen chicken at WholeFoods and it came to $24.00 for four large bone in chicken breasts.
      anyway, I think you do great with your budget. I, on the otherhand, have absolutely no excuse.

      • Oh yah… it’s obscene. lol! It was interesting to get my American friends input on our prices though, as I always wonder about the price differences. I knew we paid more, but some of her comments had me cursing the grocery gods in Canada. 😉 lol!

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