It’s that time of year – A spending frenzy.

Do you have a time of year when you spend way more money than at other times of the year?  I do. And it’s here.


When the temps soar, so does my mood.  BUT, so does my spending.  :(

Just in the last week, with balmy temps of high 60’s and low 70’s,  I went on a bit of a shopping spree and spent over $200 on the following:

  1. Two Fitbits.

    • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
    • Monitor how long and well you sleep
    • Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm
    • LED lights show how your day is stacking up against your goal
    • Slim, comfortable and easy to wear (sold with both large and small wristbands included)
  2. Two books. 

The books were gifts and came out of our gift budget.  However, the purchase of the Fitbits were a bit impulsive.  Okay, a lot impulsive. I was very close to joining Weight Watchers when a friend told me about the Fitbit.  It helped her keep track of her calories and exercise and was helping her lose weight.  Yes, please.  However, the selling point for me was the fact that they were wristbands and I would definitely wear them.  I also thought it would be great to have my husband track with me, so I bought one for him.  A little competition is a good thing, right?

Still, useful or not, I didn’t budget for them. (AND, I didn’t pay for them with cash.  Never a good thing.)  I now have to pull money from another category to cover the expense.  Rest assured, I will not be pulling from my emergency fund.

Since I keep track of all of my spending and have been doing so for the past 4 years, I can review previous years’ spending charts.  Guess what month I spend the most?  May.  Yikes!  I’m hoping that since I’m aware of my spending patterns, I can put a spending freeze in place for the month of May.  Not a “No Spend”, or fiscal fast, but a cash only, “spend for necessities only”, type of month.  I already know that I have Mother’s Day, my son’s birthday and a weekend getaway planned, but if I can plan my spending ahead of time, I may just have a chance at keeping my budget intact.

I’ll keep track each week in May and post my spending here for all to see. Keep me honest, folks. 

How about you, is there a month where your spending goes haywire?  If so, which month?


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  1. Hi Sharon! A $200 splurge isn’t too bad. In previous years my speediest times were when I was on holiday, so June, July and the 2 weeks in December that I’d be off school. I think in there somewhere is a hint to keep working all the time so that there’s no time to spend!! Now with retirement happening in June I won’t be able to spend quite so much as I’ll be living on half as much. Should be interesting to see how I manage!

  2. I had too many impulsive buys so splurged on a finance coach to get me in line with a budget – so far so good but still need to tweek some categories a bit more esp as summer approaches(a/c already on down here!) thinking a fitbit might be something I want..hmm..did ww and it didn’t work for me unless I devoted ALL my time to figuring out points and planning ahead. I do need to lose a lot of weight though and start exercising. I dislike anything on my wrist though so that model is gonna be out for me – the active link with ww I wore clipped to my bra. purchasing one for yourself doesn’t seem too impulsive IMO – but buying one for your hubby was LOL!

  3. Just a quick comment on planting flowers every spring. A friend of mine, who lives in a huge McMansion, stopped buying real flowers a few years ago. Instead, she buys good looking fakes from Joannes or Michaels! She puts them in pots with real dirt, and places the pots around her pool area and front door. I thought they looked real, so I purchased some deep pink look-a-like geraniums, and placed them un our front landscaped “island” area. I actually put them into the dirt beds that had held our real flowers for years. You know what? From the street they look real, better than real, awesome. I won’t use them near my front door, because anyone could see the difference up that close. I have reused them for 4 seasons now. What a savings, and less work then planting the real thing. The wire slides right into the soil.

  4. CanadianSaver says:

    My sister LOVES her Fitbit… she got it while visiting a friend in Vegas in January, and has lost close to 30 lbs already (along with eating properly and NEVER snacking). I want one too!!!

    • We just started using it…I have to get used to it, but so far I like how it is tracking. Um, never snacking? I guess I’ll lose weight a bit slower! :)!

      Hey, do you have a blog yet? I miss reading about you! :)!

  5. Spring is a blow out for us as well, planting flowers, garden, Easter, lawn equipment, spring break, just to name a few. I know we spend more at Christmas but that spending is planned for. The spring spending seems to be random, big, but oh so fun! ha

    • I completely forgot about all the expenses that I’ll have for flowers on the deck and the garden. I’m not so sure I can keep May cheap…..;)

  6. I w ould *love* a Fitbit! Hmmmmm Mother’s Day IS coming up soon ….

    • Yep! Since I already purchased the Fitbit, maybe I’ll ask for deck flowers for Mother’s Day…that should save some expenses!

  7. December is when we spend the most money with gifts and travel for the holidays, although spring is not far behind with all of the stuff for the yard.

    • Yes, Christmas can get expensive, although I save for it all year so it doesn’t seem to affect my budget. I guess I need a ‘spring’ savings account….

  8. I’ve been spending way too much money going to and from Florida, plus all the partying. *shrug* At this point, who the heck cares…….I’m having a good time!

  9. I think I bought that same book for my daughter who is getting married next year! I also think you will love your FitBit! I have an UP band (same type of thing but different make). I spend the most in December (because I tend to overbuy and underbudget Christmas), but this May is proving to be a bit expensive too. We went to a movie last weekend and it was SO expensive – and they wonder why people do not go to movies as often.

    • It’s a nice binder to keep everything together. I just got the FitBit…it syncs with Myfitnesspal, so I can still use that! It says I’ll reach my goal weight by November! Yikes!!
      I forgot about December, but believe it or not May is still more expensive! :)!

  10. Summer months are definitely more expensive for us. Gardening (before we see the results of it), vacations, little indulgences and loads more of fresh produce. I already spent $20 on watermelons and strawberries alone this month, and it’s April :)…

  11. Yankeegal says:

    April is my most expensive month as well. 5 Birthdays, Easter for granddaughters, both car insurances/registrations, and our property tax (although technically not due until May) so I too am feeling the pain. I am doing a spending fast for the month of May to try and reign in some of the expenses.
    When I first started to exercise seriously, my daughter gifted me with a Garmin watch and I love that thing. Sometimes having a fun gadget can really help to motivate the workout.

    • We have a lot of birthdays in April too! I tried to be good, and so far not so bad in the gift giving department!
      I’m excited to start using the Fitbit…I’m hoping it will keep me from being a couch potato.

  12. April is *crazy* expensive for us…. we have 2 birthdays this month, Easter, just bought a new mattress set, etc… it’s been soo expensive! I’m starting a 21 day Financial Fast on May.1st though, so hoping that whips me back into shape! 😉

    • How’s that mattress working out? Is the smell gone? Yes, April, May and June are all horrendous budget months. I may just join you on that 21 day fast, although mine may be a bit different. I’ll be spending money, just not outside the budget….

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