Updated sidebars, and it’s not pretty.

Today I updated my sidebars.  The emergency fund went down by 3%, (however, it will creep back up slowly but surely!) and the weight loss goal went back down to 0.  Nothing. Nada.

I’ve managed to gain all 10 lbs I lost this past summer back.  Sigh.

Nothing seems to motivate me to do anything about it.  You would think the fact that pretty soon I’ll have NOTHING to wear would do the trick, or the fact that my weight is affecting my health.  But nope.  I sit here unmotivated.

I’ve been thinking about joining Weight Watchers again.  Or perhaps just sticking with the My Fitness Pal app.  I think I need the accountability of a formal program.  But then again, do I really want to spend time at a weekly meeting hearing the same crap over and over again?  Eat less. Exercise More. Yep, Yep, Yep.  I know all about that.

I’ve signed up for two 5K’s.  Hopefully that will motivate me to get moving.  But the food end?  Still struggling.

Any suggestions??

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  1. I have LOTS to say on this topic, but I’m saving it for a blog post early next week. Feel free to check it out then :)

  2. Ugh….my hubby and I started walking about 3 weeks ago (between snow storms)…other than shoveling we did not exercise all winter. I have never done WW, mainly because I have never considered myself overweight (scale, mirror and tight jeans tell a different story). Anyway, walking has always been my friend and I can usually get back into the jeans after a couple of steady weeks (I know lucky). I plan menus for every week based on sale items from the present week or items from past sales. It is nice to come home and know ahead of time what we will eat. Also it usually means some kind of portion control and less money spent.

    Good luck

    • The snow has been annoying hasn’t it?
      Hubby and I walked/jogged all summer and used My Fitness Pal. It seemed easy with the nice weather and all the summer fruits… We’ll have to plan ahead and get back on track for sure.

  3. My girlfriend and I talked about this for 2 hours yesterday, We both eat Paleo. but have not been sticking to it really well lately. We are both coming up with one week’s worth of meals ideas — helping each other menu plan. I had ideas for her and she had ideas for me. We will see how it goes.

  4. I’m using MFP, because, as you say, when your motivation wanes, it’s nice to not being paying for something. 😉 I know exactly what I need to do (eat less) & where I fall off the wagon – eating treats at work. If I lose 15 pounds, I can reduce my lupus medication. It’s a pretty big deal, but when I’m stressed, I eat. And, I’ve been nothing if not stressed at work lately. I just keep on keeping on. I’m proud that I’m not gaining right now, and making baby steps to work out, and stay healthy. This is a marathon, a life long journey. So perhaps the right approach (for both of us ;-)) is to choose one small thing you’re confident that you can give up. Cream in your coffee, a snack after dinner, whatever it is. For me, it’s baked good at work. If I gave that up, I would easily lose the weight. And, after that life change, you continue to look for other small opportunities to downsize. Just like saving money – it’s all of the big choice, but all of the tiny ones you turn into habits along the way. Good luck!

    • Oh my gosh, me too! If I lost about 25 lbs, my pre-diabetes would be non-existent. It’s hard, though, right? I agree that it is a marathon. I’ve been struggling with these extra pounds for almost 10 years now.
      Baked goods at work? That would be terribly hard for me too. Maybe we could meet up in MFP and cheer each other on! :)!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    The only thing that has worked for me (at least since 1998) is walking. I try to walk at least 45 minutes to an hour per day (minimum 4X a week then). I really don’t change what I eat, as I do watch myself. But bread and desserts are my weakness (and I still have them). During the winter I use a treadmill if I am indoors, or travel someplace warmer and get out and walk. It helps keep my belly down and my weight in somewhat order. When I don’t walk, my stomach sticks out and the weight creeps back up.
    My only investment is a great pair of walking shoes and a good pair of socks.
    I don’t walk fast. I take my time. And I am always on the lookout for walking someplace new and interesting. It has become the best part of my day AND I’m worth it!
    Good luck.

    • Today it rained, sleeted, rained then snowed. It was my ‘first day to exercise’. Instead I sat on couch and ate. Sigh.
      Yep, breads are my weakness too, and I have to stop. This weather is just so depressing….

  6. I’ve given up….for now. I just try to eat as healthily as I can. Once the weather warms up I’ll be back on my bike. And once I’m finally away from that stress-filled classroom for once and for all I hope the stress eating will disappear!

    • Ah, Jane, I’m so sorry work is so stressful. But, hey, only a couple more months and you are FREE!!!!!
      Hopefully we can both get back on the ‘saddle’. :)!

  7. No idea. I am in the same boat. I do good during the week, but get togethers with friends on the weekend are filled with wonderful (but horrible) food and alcohol.

    I am not sure where middle ground is though. My husband and I made a little pact that when we get settled in the new house – ie. May 1, no more alcohol and mindful out-to-eats. We say May because we cannot cook very much right now – smells don’t sell a house!

    Probably the best motivation is have those around you work for you. Not easy, no one wants to tell you no!

    • You have so much on your plate right now Jennifer. I don’t know how you do it! May sounds like a great month to start. I’m hoping April 1st will do the trick for me. Look for me on MFP!! :)!

  8. Today is the day I start watching everything I am eating and exercising! Really can’t blame Liam anymore!
    When are your 5ks? I will do one with you!
    Let’s do MyFitnessPal and I will be your accountability partner. Then you dont have to pay for meetings that, like you said- to hear the same thing over and over again.

    Starting now.

  9. Do you have any friends or neighbors who have the same goal? I have a small group of ladies that I run with (jog really). I really hate to call or text and cancel because then both of us miss our workout. Also, I think people think it has to be a super hard workout or don’t bother, where the real goal is to be more active, be healthy, and have a good time (so you keep doing it and get the results you are looking for.) Good Luck!

    • That sounds awesome Ann. I wish I did. I used to walk with a bunch of ladies in the early a.m. but they have all since got full time jobs. I’ll keep looking…

  10. No, unfortunately, no suggestions. I’ve been struggling with the same exact thing (Weight Watchers again vs. MyFitnessPal again) and decided to go with MFP because it’s free. I’ve only lost 1 lb so far & I also need to lose for medical reasons (knee, hip, back issues). I’m motivated and sticking to it so far but it’s not easy.

    I just read recently that as we age (after 30), we lose muscle mass & that’s a big contributor to the weight gain. Muscle burns many more calories so if you do strength training, the weight comes off easier. I’m going to try it using body weight exercises from a book I checked out at the library. A lot of these exercises I remember doing in fitness classes in the 80’s! I’ll skip the big hair & leotard, though. :)

    • 1 lb is better than nothing! Good for you! Oh my gosh, I so remember those leotards! How about the leg warmers?? I used to teach aerobics in my early 20’s so I remember it all! :)!

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