Girl sues parents for private school tuition and living expenses.

Is this for real?  It is a sad day when the court system spends time on such an absurd case.  From my understanding,  this case is about a spoiled girl who didn’t want to follow parents’ rules after being suspended from school, spending an evening out drinking with boyfriend, and other disciplinary issues.  The girl decided on her own to leave her home because she didn’t want to listen to her parents.  She moved in with a friend.  Said friend’s father decided she should sue her parents for her living expenses and the last semester of her private school.  She also is suing for college expenses.  You can see a bit of her trial below.  (I found it inconceivable that our court system even has time to hear this garbage. By the way, the plaintiff’s attorney is an idiot.)

I also was disappointed with the Judge.  He seemed a bit wimpy.  Even though he ruled against the girl, he left open an opportunity for another hearing to determine if the parents will have to pay college tuition.

Really?  Since when is college tuition a requirement whether you can afford it or not??? Crazy.  Where is Judge Judy when you need her.  She would have done a much better job, IMHO.

What do you think?

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  1. I saw the young woman as a bully too and willing to make any allegations against her parents to get what she wanted. She accused her mother of giving her an eating disorder and accused her father of being a little too friendly! I don’t know how she got to be such a brat but this is way beyond the ordinary sense of entitlement. I think she’s mentally ill.

  2. I’m with you. It’s ridiculous.

  3. I think I read she has moved back in with her parents.

  4. I felt that they enrolled her in a private school….and that they should at least pay for her tuition for the remainder of the year. But beyond that….if she chose to leave…then you are on your own, kid.

    From what I read, it didn’t seem that the parents’ rules were unreasonable, but in the media, it can get spun however garners the most attention. But for the girl to get this bent out of shape…there has to be a long history of her getting her way. And that does fall back on her parents.

    The friend’s dad who encouraged her to sue….he should be ashamed of himself.

  5. I agree with Suzanne that she couldn’t have gotten to this point of entitlement without a long history of no limits from her parents. However, since her parents probably gave her everything she wanted, it’s time for someone to stop that. Hope she is starting to learn how the real world works.

  6. I blame the lawyer of Rachel. He was her friends father and instigated this whole legal court thing. Even sued the parents to have them also pay his $14K legal fees. The nerve!
    If this happened to me, and if my daughter sued me, I would have countersued plus also sued the attorney for bringing on the case. The parents sat like two dumb a$$$es and let themselves be bullied and abused by their own daughter AND that rotten attorney. On top of all this, the parents took the ungrateful witch back in their home. We all know she’s back for the free meal ticket.
    My kids went to private Catholic school and when things got tough for us, they worked all summers long, saved up and paid towards their tuition. Ditto for college. Parents just have to have their kids attend public high school. The kids don’t even have to graduate. 16 is just fine, if you want to follow the law. At 18, technically, parents aren’t liable anymore. If they saved money in a UGMA account, then legally when the kid turns 18 that money is theirs and needs to be turned over to the kid. Obamacare doesn’t help much by providing free healthcare to the ‘kids’ till their 26. Makes them falsely think they are entitled to everything! Give me a break.
    I blame the lawyer AND I blame the parents. You reap what you sow. Plus parents recently got divorced and I’m certain that fact had a bearing on their daughter Rachel’s behavior.
    What a mess, for sure. As if?

  7. I’ve been following this and a couple of thoughts. Yes – she is certainly spoiled but that didn’t happen overnight without any help from her parents. I’m not saying they shouldn’t set the rules but they certainly played a part in her being the way she is (whether they want to admit it or not). In terms of tuition for high school – the parents put her in the school and signed a contract with the school – they owe the school the money. They should be at least be a little relieved that she is living in a safe place and going to school. On the college money – it was saved for her, they said it was for her – no rules/conditions and may be in a tax advantaged account only for her benefit. They might very well have the right not to give it to her for school – but once again – they had YEARS to set the ground rules – kinda odd this is only an issue now.
    Parents that she is living with that encouraged suing – pretty jerky – but I wonder what we don’t know about attempts to talk and reach resolution.
    Honestly – she sounds like a spoiled brat – but her parents did her no favors if she turned out with that kind of entitlement attitude. And what a waste of public resources to have this in the courts.

    • Funny that she’s going to a Catholic school too being that one of the 10 commandments is honor thy mother and father…. I don’t think the parents owe her any money at all. She was the one who decided to leave. Suing in court? Really? I agree that the parents have a part in this, but I would hate to take the blame for something my kids decided to do because of a poor choice they made. Whether or not the parents saved for her college education is moot. It’s their money and they can do what they want with it. Craziness all around! Thanks for your input!

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