Friday Financials: The two week edition.

friday financialsI was unable to post my Friday financials last week, so this week will be the culmination of two weeks of spending, and a farewell to the March budget.  Not that it was horrible or anything, but I did mess up my cash categories a bit.

For example, I didn’t spend anything in personal care, so I pulled cash from that envelope as well as a couple of others to compensate for the $300 OVER in my grocery budget.  Most of that fed my company for the weekend, but I did stock up meat and sale items.

How I spent my money (for two weeks):

  • Groceries – $253.07
  • Transportation (Gasoline) $61.21 (2 cars, 2 fill ups)  I’ve been using some gas rewards making fill ups about $6-$10 less expensive
  • Education – $204.29 – Tutor for son for SAT, Book for school
  • Clothing/Accessories: $98.00 (A new Coach purse!…don’t judge)
  • Gifts: $122.00 (A mother’s day gift, although I think I’ll have to return it because my Mom can’t use it and some clothes for Liam)
  • Misc.: $27.04 – fish supplies for daughter’s tank
  • Home Repair/Maintenance: $13.75 – new toilet handle
  • Eating Out: $60.84 (A large part of this was ordering in Chinese food.  I had made a HUGE pot of minestrone soup on Monday, only to have the pot ‘leach’.  Unfortunately, I had to throw out the whole batch as well as the pot.  This happened once before, but I was surprised it happened with my Martha Stewart Cast Iron Pot.
  • Household: $9.50 (See my CVSing for this week)

Total spend:  $849.70  High, but not too shabby for two weeks and having company.

What’s working for me:

  • Even though I ‘borrowed’ cash from other categories to use for groceries, solely using cash is working.  Yesterday I wanted to run some errands but I didn’t have any cash left in my wallet.  Nothing. Nada.  In the past I would have used a debit/credit card.  Now? No cash. No spending. Of course, if it were an ’emergency’ or something really important, like a medical appointment, I would have used the debit card.  So, yeah, this cash thing is keeping me honest.

What’s not working for me:

  • Taking from one category to ‘overspend’ in another.  I need a haircut this week and the envelope is empty.  I guess I’ll be eating my haircut.  Sigh.

Financial Highlights for the week:

  •  Getting my Coach bag for 70% off!  We had gone to the outlets on Friday and they were having a HUGE sale.  I had only cash with me, thankfully, so I couldn’t go too crazy.

What do you think?

Financial Goals for April:

  • Stick to a $500 food budget so I can replenish the categories I ‘stole’ from.
  • Add an extra $250 to the Emergency Fund.
  • Don’t let ‘spring break’ derail me from my budget!!

Well that should do it for this week’s financials.  Not super great, but not bad either.  I’m looking forward to April and a new budget, and hopefully better weather!

How about you?

How was your March?

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  1. March doesn’t sound all that bad! I know my March was ugly. I spent entirely too much. Spring break definitely got me!

  2. Purses are my weakness too…Vera Bradley gets me all the time!

  3. Sharon,
    That’s too bad about the Martha Stewart pot. Is there any way you can get your money back on it? I’m certain Stewart has guarantees on her products. Or did you toss it?
    The Coach purse looks great. Is that the color (the one posted?)
    Great job on the spending tally.
    Cash really is king!

    • I already tossed it. I’ll have to remember that in the future. Yes, the Coach is the exact purse and color (coral) I bought. I LOVE it.

  4. It must have been the weekend for outlet shopping :) I also purchased a new Coach purse for 60% off with cash of course 😉

  5. I am curious – how did it leach and how did you know? I have not had that happen before with cast iron, just teflon coated pots. Which is why I dumped them. We have a set of enameled cast iron pots from Target – going strong. Also a set of enameled aluminum from Bed, Bath and Beyond and they seem to be holding up. I wash them by hand though – never in the dishwasher.

    Borrowing from other accounts never works for me either. I stopped doing that as well. The cash things works, but only with Blow. If we need more groceries, we get them no matter what. A $600 a month budget goes high some months (when stocking up) and low others when all we need is veggies and fruit.

    Overall though, you are doing great – a little splurge (which we all need from time to time) and you are sticking to the budget very well!

    • I’m not sure why the pot leached. I can smell the chemical (it’s hard to miss) so I knew. I’ve never put the pot in the diswasher either, too big. I’ll have to research pots and pans and really figure out why it does that.

  6. Wow, I didn’t know it could happen to a cast iron pot!

    The new purse is really cute :)

    • I was shocked too! I spent a lot of money on that pot. I’ll have to research what the best pot is. It would have been awesome minestrone too! :)!

  7. Isn’t the impact of using cash amazing? My husband and I allocate for a $20 weekly allowance each, which we take in cash, and I rarely spend it because spending cash ‘hurts’ more than ‘spending’ plastic. In fact, I have so much accumulated allowance cash at the moment that a stop into a Coach outlet some time soon might not be a bad idea! :-)

    Would you believe I have always wanted a Coach purse, but have never bought one for myself one, even though I have bought them for my daughters? Go figure!

    • It truly is! $20? That seems like so little! Good for you for holding on to it! Coach is actually running an incredible sale, but I was so glad I only took cash. I might have gone a bit too crazy! :)!

      • I have a $10/week allowance. $50/week for food (just me), $50/week for gas, and so forth. Mu budget is very tight. I try to plan things like my haircuts ahead of time (4x/year, scheduled in advance) so I am sure to save enough ahead of time (a wash, cut, style is about $55 with tip). Same goes for pet care (medicine, food, vet visits), travel, car care (washes, oil changes, etc). What usually ends up getting me is when I need something I couldn’t predict, i.e. a prescription.

      • We have allocations for things like clothing, eating out, entertainment, etc., so there’s not much left to spend our mad money allowances on when all is said and done. Coffee and spur-of-the-moment lunches out primarily, but perhaps Coach purses going forward. :-)

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