Financial Aid Notice Arrived.

Yep! We just got our financial aid notice for my daughter’s attendance at college next year:

Financial Aid: $0.00

Work Study: $0.00

FAFSA Loan: of $5,500 (Unsubsidized, interest accrues immediately)

Parent’s contribution:  $17,500.00.

Well, then.  Why did we fill out that stupid FAFSA form???


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  1. FAFSA was useless. My parents made around $60k/yr (maybe less?) and we qualified for nothing except traditional loans. I was a well-rounded student (graduated with a 3.8/4.0), had a few college courses under my belt, involved (editor of my HS newspaper, 2 honor socities, leadership council, choir for 7 years, volunteer work, p/t job, etc), but not OUTSTANDING in any one area (i.e. sports).. so scholarships were limited. I managed to get my 1st year paid for by earning 6 or 7 scholarships I sought out, but after that.. nada. I’m now paying back $40k in student loans *sigh*

    • So sorry you have student loans. I know that must be a huge burden. I think tuition prices are getting out of hand. Hopefully you can get those paid off quickly.
      We paid for our older two daughters to get through school, and I’m hoping we can do the same for our younger two. It really helped when they moved out on their own.

  2. The same thing happened to us for all 5 of our kids. Our kids, like yours, got the gov’t loan but took out other loans for their half of their college tuition. We paid half but the other half was their responsibility. We wanted them to invest in their own education. Also, after 4 years of college, we didn’t pick up any expenses. Two went on to graduate school on their own ‘dime’…make that their own money. It worked for us. One has paid her loans back but the others are still working towards that.

    • You would think you would have gotten something with 5 kids, right? We are not paying for graduate school or any of their expenses (books, etc.). I like the idea of them owning their own education. My son has hopes of a ROTC scholarship, but if he doesn’t get it, he will be working to make up the difference. My daughter hopes to be an RA, which will help as well. My fingers are crossed and hope that it all works out!

  3. I budgeted for state schools (@$9K each per year) for my two daughters. But when the time came for them to go to college, they opted for prime schools in NYC @$30K each per year.
    I applied for student loans but was denied because my ex-husband, who I had divorced ten years prior to my daughters going to college, made too much money. WTF? What did that have to do with me and my daughters? The ex wasn’t paying for college nor was he paying child support.
    The only way I could have gotten financial assistance was for the govt to put a lien on my home and loan me back my own equity. I declined.
    Instead, my daughters spent their entire summers working hard as waitresses (brutal work, hard on their feet) saved and paid half of their tuition. Any shortfall, my own dad picked up the slack and paid part of the difference.
    I have no idea how the govt decides who gets financial aid and who doesn’t anymore. They keep changes the rules and requirements. In any event, it’s a sacrifice. My daughters did have to take out small private loans anyway. As they neared graduation, I once found my youngest crying alone, wondering how she was going to pay off her student loan. No worries. Upon graduation, thanks to an excellent education, she landed an amazing job and when she got her first bonus, paid off her student loan, in full!
    So, there’s always hope and there’s always a way to make it happen.
    We all get to pick and choose how we want to live our lives and spend our money.
    No need to play the blame game.
    You’ve made good and righteous decisions for you and your family, Sharon.
    I am certain your children will do just fine.

    • It’s a shame things have gotten so expensive with no promise of a good job in the end. Your girls sound like they did a great job making due, and of course, you did an excellent job raising them. My kids will be responsible for many of their own expenses as well. They know this, and have no problem stepping up to the plate.

  4. I am not even going to try. We are just going to deal with it and go to state school with one year at junior college unless they get a full ride. It is the only way we will afford it!

    • It’s kind of a joke, really. There were several kids who got into JMU who received NO aid and now can’t go. I will do it once more for next year when I’ll have two kids in college and see if that makes a difference.

  5. I feel you pain. We only filled out the FAFSA once also.

    • Yep. I’m really not sure why we did it, as we didn’t do it for my older girls. I now know we make too much money, and do not qualify.

  6. I know that you planned to pay for her education. Were you planning on contributing that much?

    • Yes, we fully expected to pay for the full tuition, AND we knew how much it was going to be. We just thought we would try our luck to see if she could get some work/study.

  7. Doesnt she qualify for subsidized loans at all? My three received sub and unsub so I always thought everyone did.

    We are waiting for our statements now.

  8. Those parent contributions get ridiculous. :)

  9. Your entire paycheck goes to tuition. Now you know why you are working!!

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