Friday Financials. It’s been a good week.

friday financialsIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve shared my weekly financials, although I filled you in a bit the other day about how much I’m saving using cash.  I’m just sorry I didn’t jump on this “cash” wagon sooner!  It’s changing my financial life, for sure.

Okay, here goes:

How I spent my money this week:

  • Gifts:  $30.00.  A t-shirt and a couple of car stickers at JMU
  • Gasoline: $73.20 An extra tank of gas to get to JMU (but really it was only a 1/2 tank, as I didn’t drive that much)
  • Entertainment:  $7.00 tip for coat check and valet parking for hubby’s company dinner; $2.49 magazine for ride home from JMU
  • Medical:  $20.85 Two prescriptions
  • Eating Out: $76.73 JMU lunch, bagel breakfast with entire family, Dunken Donuts for coffee (several times….)
  • Groceries: $22.50  (What do you think of that??  Pretty amazing for me!)

How I saved money this week:

  • Made breakfast before we went to JMU
  • Used up leftovers and created a menu out of stuff I already had on hand

One frugal thing I did:

  • CVS’ing.  Lots of freebies this week, including paper towels, deodorant and Eucerin.  I’ll try and post my CVS shopping soon!

Did I meet my goals from last week:

  • Call insurance companies.  Nope.
  • Shred documents that need to leave my home.  Nope.
  • 4/7 No Spends.  Maybe, I don’t remember.

I guess I took a break from my goals too!  Sigh.

My goals for next week:

  • Stay within my cash budget. (This is really better than no-spends :)!)
  • Call insurance companies.
  • Figure out how to lower utility bills.  It’s been a cold winter…..

How about you?  How was your financial week?

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  1. Love reading your blog. Our week was good. Haven’t reviewed our spending yet, but I know that we overspend on date night. The Lobster Truck was more expensive than I anticipated. But fun and yummy! Next week should be a low spend week. Hopefully no surprises!

  2. Sounds good to me! I love CVS – the deals are amazing! We did not hit it this week though. I am trying to bring as little as possible into this house now. Only what it takes to get ready for sale – ie repairs only!

  3. Overall we had a pretty good week.. came in under budget and i’ve hit one of my savings goals… so it’s looking good for this week I hope too! Not much going on this week so I should be able to come in under budget again hopefully! Good luck with your goals!

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