25 Goals for 2014

I meant to post this in January, and just found it again in my draft posts.  I already noticed that I dropped the ball on some of them, so I thought I’d better post these to remind me of what I want to accomplish this year!

25 Goals for 2014

(in no particular order)

  1. Scale back on drinking soda.  (I originally put stop drinking it, but I want to succeed in these goals! :)!)

  2. Stop swearing. (Even if someone uses my coffee mug!)

  3. Save $21,000 in college account.

  4. Pray every day.

  5. Go to Mass 2x a week.

  6. Lose 15 lbs. (and don’t let them find me again!)

  7. Walk or run or jog. EVERY day.

  8. Learn one new thing every day.

  9. Save $15,000 in Emergency Fund.

  10. Go on one date each month with the husband.

  11. Do one nice thing for someone every day and journal about it.

  12. Write one letter a month to my ‘foster’ kids.

  13. Read 12 books.

  14. Take the 52 week money challenge.

  15. Make a food menu EVERY week.

  16. Try one new recipe each week.

  17. Have at least 60 No Spend days in a year (or 5 a month).

  18. Keep a spending diary.

  19. Keep monthly grocery bill to $600 or under. (Shop at Aldi!)

  20. Save money for vacation to sunny Florida for the week after Christmas 2014.  Since my daughter is moving next month, I may have to change this one.

  21. Learn to knit/crochet. (Spend a week with my Mom!)

  22. Put all photos in photobooks by using My Publisher.

  23. Sell 52 items on Ebay or Craigslist.

  24. Organize basement closets.

  25. Spend only cash for the whole year.

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  1. Ms. Moreless says:

    That’s quite a list! I had to laugh when I read #2 … I recently told my kids they could take a quarter from the change jar each time they heard me swear.

  2. Great list! How’s it going, so far?

  3. That’s a heck of a list lady! See, even tho I wanted to say hell, I didn’t…oops!

    I wish you great good luck with it!

    So what did you learn today?

    And I never knew you had “foster” kids……
    A woman of mystery, full of surprises you are!

    • Yes, I have two. I had three, but one dropped out of the program. I’ve had them for almost 6 years, but fall short in the communications end. I don’t want to do that this year.

      Hmmm, I always learn something, but today it was probably that I didn’t bring enough lunch to work cause I’m still hungry…. Just kidding. I’ll have to still figure that one out! :)!

  4. Great list. I’m with you on most of them, especially shopping at Aldi (makes so much of a big difference in total grocery spending!)

    I don’t know about #2. I don’t think I can f***king do that. Tee hee!

  5. Good goals! I don’t think I could ever commit to exercising every single day but I will cheer for you, for sure :)

  6. Ambitious but good goals. Good luck.

  7. Great goals! Will you have a separate account where you deposit your $ for the 52 week challenge? Just curious!

    • Since I’m already behind in this one, I think I will make a new ‘cash’ envelope for this and try to catch up!

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