Ready for Christmas (At least the decorating part!)

This past weekend we decorated for Christmas.  (I’m still not sure how we got to December so quickly?!?)  We put up our Christmas tree and decorated our ‘new’ mantle!  Two years ago we decided not get a real tree and opted instead for an artificial tree.  We paid a little over $100 for it, and it’s already paid for itself!

IMG_1055No falling needles, no worries about watering it.  All that’s missing is the fresh pine scent!  I can live with that. :) !

It was a nice weekend, the whole family was together!  We shared a wonderful meal, decorated the tree, watched our favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and enjoyed time together as a family.

However, the highlight of the weekend was watching my grandson put his first ornament on the tree!


He was definitely fascinated with all the lights!

I’m still not finished with my Christmas shopping or wrapping, but I hope to finish sometime next week.

  Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. I saw those scented sticks at Bed, Bath and Beyond’s ad that go on a tree to create an “illusion of the smell”. I’m considering it for our tree this year.

  2. Not even close! Still focused on the renos unfortunately – taking much longer than I thought. Oh well, we’ll have a Christmas “picnic” this year :) Love the Santa hat on your grandson!

  3. We have a pre-lit tree and I love it. We have had it about 4 years now and we had purchased it after Christmas on clearance so we to have gotten our moneys worth. Your grandson is so handsome! What a cutie

    • I LOVE our pre-lit tree too! Hubby added a few extra stands of lights and it looks great. I love that I don’t have to purchase one every year!

  4. I’m definitely not ready for Christmas, but I’m working on it. I remember when my kids were babies and fascinated by lights. We used to go to the ceiling fan section at Home depot and they could be entertained for a long time just looking at the lights and fans.

    • Liam is so intrigued with our ceiling fan too! Funny! I have some wrapping to do, and then I think (hope) I am done!

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