Needed: One fiscal fast. Pronto.

Well I knew it was too good to be true.  I was doing so well with the Christmas budget, staying within my spending budget with a healthy checkbook balance remaining. I was all set to put a big chunk into savings with the next paycheck.



A car repair.  We thought our car needed a front end alignment when the steering wheel started shaking.  It would have cost approximately $80.00.  Easy enough.  Instead the car needed four new tires, (which required a front end alignment), AND front end bushings (I’ve NEVER heard of this type of repair, however, my car is 10 years old).  Apparently this was very labor intensive, which is code for expensive.  What went from a hopeful $80.00 charge ended up costing us $1309.00Bummer.

No savings for this month.

I am grateful that we had the money to pay for the repair, but I’m getting really anxious to replenish my emergency fund.

Time to take action, and a fiscal fast seems appropriate.

As much as I would LOVE to start my fiscal fast challenge this week,  it will be nearly impossible with Christmas only 10 days away. I’ve decided, instead, to kick start 2014 with a week long fiscal fast starting January 1st.  My main goal will be to send all of the money I didn’t spend directly into savings.


Fiscal fast start date:  January 1st, 2014.

Anyone else need to save a little extra $$?

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  1. Ooohh ouch! :( I feel your pain!!! Love the idea of kicking off the year with a COMPLETE fiscal fast… maybe i’ll join in with you to keep you company, then you can tag along with me for the rest of the month! :) Misery loves company, er.. uh… I mean, what are friends for!? ;)

    • I definitely plan on tagging along with you! :) ! When I post about the fast, I’ll piggyback your month! :) !

  2. What are your personal “rules” for this fiscal fast?

    • Hi TLC!
      I’ll be posting them soon! Basically, though, a fiscal fast is a short period of time spending absolutely NO money (barring any emergencies, of course).

  3. We had that same exact issue with my husband’s car this past year. Our total came to about that including the 4 new tires – ugh! His car is 9 1/2 years old but only has 65K on it so we were shocked too.

  4. I feel your pain. It takes so much longer to save $$$ than it does to spend it. My plan is to get through the month of December then on New Year’s Day, hubby and I are having a serious discussion about finances so we can buckle-down and get back on track. Our FL trip earlier this month has derailed our money train! In January it’s time to get serious about finances, exercise and healthy eating (isn’t that always the case in January???). Just know that you’re not alone…

    • I’m glad, we can keep each other accountable! Hubby and I are getting a bit scared to face two more college tuitions (8 years total!) of $20,000 a year! Daunting!

  5. It's me, Sam says:

    I’m going to join in too! I’ve already decided that I’m going to limit my grocery buying in January, as my pantry is stocked full of food. I want to save 100.00 that week, a small but manageable goal for me..

  6. We recently went in for one new tire and ended up with four. We didn’t have bushings done, but it was still expensive. However, we’re now a lot safer in slick road conditions. That’s the way I try to look at it anyway.

  7. Sounds good to me!! I am so ready for some “Make Do” days

  8. Yikes! I’m sorry! I’m definitely in. Carla is doing “low spend” challenge again, so I’m joining you both :) December is turning to be quite expensive for us… I need to get back on track!

    • The more inspiration the better! My fiscal fast will be different in that I won’t spend ANY money for 7 days. Then I’ll probably join Carla for the rest of the month with the low spend!

  9. Sharon, I’m so with you. So sorry to hear about your car repair. Bleeding money sucks!

  10. I would be happy to join you !

  11. I am thankful that you had the money. I hate when my mechanic says “well the labor” because you just know right then and there that it is going to be expensive. I already said I was in for your fast but truthfully I think mine is going to have to be the whole month. Things are going to be tight here until at least May when I pay the one loan off. Sigh. But its going to be ok!

    • If anyone can make it work, you can Judy! Just think how sweet May will be! Have any crockpot recipes to share?

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