Less income for the Christmas season. Ugh.

Spear 3830Today was a snow day.  The Federal Government shut down and my firm closed for the day.  That means a day off but with no pay :( !  I work part time and with that comes unpaid holidays, vacation and snow days.  I could make up the day on Thursday, except I’ve already made plans to drive my daughter to her in-laws.  It looks like I’ll be out a day’s pay next paycheck.  Sigh.

I was also told there will be no Christmas bonuses this year at my firm.  It was a slow year, and taxes were a lot higher than expected.  There just wasn’t any money left over for bonuses.  Being that I do the bookkeeping, the numbers don’t lie.  I guess that is what happens with small businesses.  Last year I received two week’s pay, and it was so nice to get.  I’m just glad this year’s Christmas budget was low and that I stayed within budget!

Now it’s getting close to the end of 2013, and after reviewing my original 2013 budget it was clear that I veered way off with all of the home improvements we did.  It’s time to buckle down and really look at 2014′s budget.  I’ll be working and re-working the numbers over the next couple of weeks.  With college expenses looming, I will have to stay vigilant with the numbers.

Let’s hope I have a chance at staying on budget this time.

Anyone counting on a holiday bonus this year?

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  1. Woops! I meant to say that despite receiving a small raise and a small bonus , my husband’s take home pay for each of the past two yeqr’s has decreased. The first year was especially scary because we lost $90 every two weeks.

  2. Nothing is being said about bonuses at my husband’s company this year. Despite getting a small bonus every year, the last two years actually saw a reduction in his take home pay due to a new (and only one offerd) health care plan. In a few years he’ll probably be in indentured servitude!

  3. Sharon,
    Greetings from sub-zero Minnesota!
    What is a bonus? I’m sure a lot of individuals get them and that’s great! However, this year I am unemployed and the Christmas budget is nill, as is everything else. Trying to make the best of things but it has been extremely difficult. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

    • So sorry to hear of your unemployment, That must be tough. You have a very positive outlook though, and I wish for you to have a joyous and Merry Christmas!!

  4. We get a voucher for one free meal(not to excede 5.99) at the hospital cafeteria. I think many companies are cutting bonus’s this year.

  5. Sharon, well, this isn’t good news. Handwriting on the wall? Hope the company can get their act together for 2014. If not, companies that don’t or can’t start laying off employees. Ugh!

    Good luck with this one.

    • We are updating our website and paying a professional company to send traffic our way. Hopefully business will pick up for next year.

  6. Hi Sharon – no bonuses here, in fact, just the opposite. In our last contract negotiation the school board decided to give teachers THREE unpaid PD days. Needless to say our union has told us not to go to work those days. So the day before our 2 week Christmas school break we are receiving the first of our unpaid days. That’s an almost $500 loss on my paycheque right at Christmas. I am not amused.

    • Nice, real nice. Seems so unfair. $500 is a HUGE loss. So sorry to hear this, but at least you will be done with them soon!

  7. At my husbands work, they used to get a pie or turkey for Thanksgiving as a bonus, but those don’t happen any more. Occasionally, there used to be a Christmas party, but those don’t happen any more either. I’ve never gotten a bonus.

    Good luck working the numbers. I know you can do it.

    • Such a bummer. Things used to be so different. Pretty soon the holidays will be gone altogether…sad, very sad.

  8. No holiday bonuses. However, my company issues yearly bonuses & raises around April that are determined by your individual year-end results the year prior. It’s a VERY large company, so it’s all very systematic. Bonuses & raises are a percentage of your salary based on your salary grade. For instance, salary grade ## might be eligible for a 10% raise if you “meet” expectations. Then there’s determining what your year-end results are, i.e. below meets, meets, exceeds, etc. This is where it gets especially fuzzy, as some jobs carry quantitative goals and others (like mine) are more ambiguous. And then it gets even more confusing… raises & bonuses may not be 100% funded if we don’t reach our goals as a company. Last year we hit the 60% mark (if I remember correctly). And of course, you have to account for about 40% of the amount you receive being taken out for taxes.

    I never EXPECT anything, but I sure am hoping for a bonus (combined with my tax return) to put towards some debt repayment. And also hoping for a small raise to help with some upcoming expenses.

    • Sounds like you have a very good chance at a bonus! Good for you!! Hope you get a nice fat one to pay off your bills! :) !

  9. We don’t get bonuses for the holiday. I’m just planning on taking some extended time off.

  10. Good for you for staying under budget!! I went way over and am soo irked with myself! :( Ugh! I do this every year… *sigh* Hubby gets absolutely NO Christmas bonus… last year the local pizza joint we order from occasionally sent us a nicer card & a $10.00 coupon! MUCH more than his work offers. hahaha!! I kid you not!

    • My attitude has really changed this Christmas. I’m just tired of purchasing things. So everyone will get a little something, but not too extravagant. We’ve cut WAY down on our gift giving. I hope to go even lower next year. :) ! Bummer about no Christmas bonus for hubby. It sounds like he works really hard!

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