I saved $125.00 today.

I purchased a box of hair color and colored my own hair. Then I called my hairdresser to see if she could cut my hair at her home.

She has been doing more work from her home, so I figured she wouldn’t mind.

If I went to the salon, it would have cost me $190 for a cut and color.

It cost me $5.00 for the color and $45.00 for the cut. ($15.00 tip for Christmas!)


Now if only I could cut my own hair….

pic12292.jpgNah.  I’ll just settle for the $125.00 savings and be done with it. :) !

How much do you pay for a cut and color?

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  1. I stopped going to my fab hairdresser because it was costing me $285 every time I went (not including the tip!) … excessive, I thought so … once Hubby lost his job, I decided to stop the highlights and go solid … now I just go to ULTA and they run specials all the time for $80 for cut, style and color (one stage) … I gladly give $100 total as it’s a good cut and the person that’s been doing it for me the past 3 times has given excellent tips …

  2. I pay $110 every eight weeks for a cut and a multi color weave, and I don’t begrudge a single penny because having a great cut and color job makes me feel fabulous, even at the ripe age of 51. I don’t ‘do’ anything else to myself, so it works out fine within our overall budget.

    Funny, I thought I’d have thrown in the towel and stopped fussing over my hair at this point in my life, but I still enjoy making the effort. Part of it may be where I live – Orange County, CA, home of the French manicure, hair extensions and weaves.

  3. I have my hair trimmed 4x/year at $55 a pop I *think* (including tip). A good stylist is worth the expense for me as I have very fine hair that can be easily butchered. I’ve only colored my hair maybe 3x in my life, this last time because I found a few stray grays, but ended up hating what it did to the texture of my hair. I’ll settle for natural for as long as I can.

  4. Great savings, Sharon!! Much better! :) I haven’t coloured my hair in 20 years.. haha!! I’ll be 40 in Feb, but only have a few greys in the side of my hair, and they don’t bother me at all, so I leave them be! My hair is soft & healthy, so it’s all I can ask for. As for hair cuts…. maybe 1x year at $20.00. lol!! I don’t colour, blow dry, curl, use hair products (except organic shampoo/conditioner) so my hair is super healthy.

  5. Nice! I stopped coloring my hair a couple years ago & sport the partial gray/silver look now. I rather like it! I do splurge for a good cut, though, at $42 for a really good stylist.

  6. Nice savings! I color at home usually and my really good friend cuts my hair. She only charges $10, and she does an amazing job. I get it cheap :)

  7. YAY! Fantastic score. I let my hair go gray which is very “in” in my town of liberal ladies. It’s a sort of statement, I suppose. I don’t do it just to save the money, but I digress. I get my hair cut at a national franchise, Super Cuts. The stylists are all trained the same way, so I always get the newest, hippest cut. I only pay $13 and leave a $3 tip. During the holidays, I tip $10.

    I’ve been getting my hair cut in the new ‘pixie’ style. I am certainly giving Peter Pan a run for her money! Ha ha. :)

  8. That’s definitely a good amount of savings!

  9. My salon just raised their prices. I now pay $39 for cut/style and $47 for color. I use to color my own but this girl makes me look beautiful so I’ll pay the $. I get it done 6 times a year.

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