Friday Financials – A new look.

friday financialsHi all! It’s time again to re-instate my Friday financial posts.  I do this mostly to keep myself accountable and to journal the week’s events all in one place.  It is helpful for me to see in black and white what I’m doing with my money.  (If it is helpful to you (in any way) please let me know in the comment section.  It will keep me motivated!)

I’ve decided to veer away from the format of “the good”, “the bad” and “the ugly”.  Instead I’ll take my lead from Carla and add four new sections:

  • How I saved money this week
  • How I spent money this week
  • One frugal thing I did this week
  • Goal for the next week

I think this will keep me accountable and help me to be creative especially since 2014 will be a tight budget year.

For this week:

How I saved money this week

CVS’ing.  I saved over $50.00 by spending $30.00 for $80.00 worth of products.  I bought a couple of Christmas goodies, paper towels, shampoo, toothbrushes, mouthwash and a bunch more. (I didn’t take a pic, so I’m not remembering everything but they were all useful and needed products).   I also received $10.00 of CVS ECB’s for next week.  I found a new website that helps me organize my purchases even more!  It is  Check it out if you would like to finally figure out CVS couponing, or get inspiration if you’ve already been doing it!

I bought one Christmas gift (on sale and with coupon) at Kohls and received Kohl’s dollars back.  I used those dollars to purchase two more Christmas gifts. (Paying for one gift, but getting three!)  I would be more specific with what I bought, but my family reads this blog and I don’t want them to know what I bought! :) !  Total savings: $45.00

Leftovers!  I bought a 13 lb turkey from Aldi for $10.00 and cooked it on Sunday.  We had a wonderful meal and two lunches and two dinners of delicious leftovers!  Savings: approximately $15.00

How I spent money this week

This week wasn’t too bad in the spending end.  I did my weekly grocery shopping on Saturday.  I went to Aldi, Trader Joe’s and Giant.  I spent a total of $212.00 that will last almost two weeks.  I did have to run to the store to pick up some miscellaneous items later in the week, but cooking the turkey helped with the week’s dinner schedule.  I will make sure I have a menu planned this coming week so I won’t have to make store runs.

The quarterly water bill and quarterly homeowner’s association bills came in.  Both are higher than they’ve been.  I can control the water bill (somewhat), but the homeowner’s association bill is what it is.  My husband was president of the Homeowner’s Association for 10 years.  In those ten years the fee was raised once.  Since he stepped down, the fees have been raised every.single.year.  Sigh.

Car insurance bill came in just last night.  Holy moly.  $1215 for six months (three cars, three drivers) When did it get so high?  I guess having a teenager driving, and another one on the way doesn’t help.  I will be checking other insurance company rates to compare.  I do have an opportunity to lower it by $80 – $110 every six months if I take an on-line defensive driving course ($19.95).  It is definitely on my list of things to do this month.

I’ve stayed on budget with Christmas (a whole other post coming soon!).  I’m very happy about that one.  I will be filling stockings with freebies from CVS.  In years past, I’ve spent upwards of $50 a stocking.  Not this year. :) !

One frugal thing I did this week

I’m having a complete BLANK on this one.  I don’t think I did anything particularly ‘frugal’.  Does plucking my own eyebrows (instead of getting them waxed) count?  I think I’ll need extra suggestions for this one.

My goal for next week

Learn and set up two “techy” money saving apps:

  • Ibotta
  • Ebates

How was your financial week?  Save any money? 

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  1. I like the Friday Financial Format. I need to get back to CVSing, maybe that will be one of my goals for next year. Good job on extending your meals with the Turkey. They have them on sale again at Publix, so I will probably get one or two.

    I still get my eyebrows waxed. Not to mention my moustache and chin hair. It sucks to get old and have all these hairs just sprouting out everywhere! After the wax, I feel pretty again. lol :)
    Worth every penny.

  2. I rarely shop at CVS, but maybe I should look into it. I always wonder if I am spending more than I would normally on somethings to get their coupons to save money on other things. Have you kept track enough of it to know if this is where you’re really getting a good deal.

  3. Brutal on the insurance costs… ouch! :( I feel for ya!! Great job everywhere else though, and yes, plucking your own eyebrows count! I always do my mine own, but my BFF gets hers done all the time, and it adds up over the course of a year, two years, etc… !!

    This week for me just started on Thursday, so far it’s “ok”, but our heat went off last night and we had to call an emergency service technician out to look at it. Turns out with was a stupid “switch” that I didn’t know about… :( He was here for 10-15 minutes, $210.0!! It’s being billed to my landlord, but i’m feeling REALLY bad about it as my son hit the switch without noticing. I called today to plead for mercy on the bill (asked them to reduce it), but not sure whether they will or not. If not, we may be out another $210.00. It appears as though Murphy may have taken up permanent residency in our home. *sigh* I could cry. :(

    • I can’t believe he charged you so much for that repair. Seems really high. I hope Murphy leaves you soon!! (But make sure he doesn’t come here… :) !)

      We have to bring in one of the cars for a repair tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s not too much!

  4. You think insuring teens is bad, wait until they start wrecking your cars like mine just did.
    He let all the oil leak out and now we need a new rebuilt engine.
    Just freaking lovely, huh?

    The child will be walking or taking the bus for awhile for this one…

    • If they wrecked the cars, there would be no more driving. We would SAVE money. But seriously, sorry to hear that Sluggy. That’s a bummer.

  5. I like the format you have chosen. I notice that you “saved” money by spending less. Where is the savings? Is it in a savings account? Did it get spent on something else?

    • Petunia! Great questions! I will have to find a place for my ‘savings’. Right now they are just sitting in my checking account. We’ve paid cash for Christmas, so I’m sure when I ‘saved’ money on a gift, and was able to ‘purchase’ other gifts with the savings it was really ‘spent’.

  6. Well I bought a roll of vinyl flooring that was half price…does that count?

  7. Holy Moly, on the insurance cost! I’ll have a new driver next summer & I’m not looking forward to the extra expense!

    I use Ebates (when I can remember). It really adds up if you shop online quite a bit or if you buy big ticket items online. If you shop online at Kohl’s, you can use your Kohl’s Cash, a promo code (sign up for email), and get money back through Ebates! I recently paid $2.46 for $36 Junior’s jeans, got free shipping, and I’ll get a little money back from Ebates.
    Total cost: $2.31, Making a teenage girl’s day: Priceless.

  8. Ha! Plucking your own eyebrows counts. It costs $15 to get them waxed here. I get it done once a quarter and DIY in between. We have 3 cars and 3 drivers also. It’s expensive to insure teenagers but a necessity where we live. I use to CVS and need to get back to it this coming year.

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