A Valentine Affirmation.


A bathroom clean out. Literally.

bathroom cleanoutThe other day I decided to do a deep clean of my master bathroom.  I emptied out my cabinets, drawers and linen closet.

I honestly thought I didn’t have too much stuff to get rid of, just do a bit of organizing.  Oh boy, was I wrong!

I am pleased (and embarrassed) to say I was able to get rid of two large kitchen trash bags of products that I no longer use, or that were expired.  I have a separate bag of old curling irons and bathroom accessories that I will be donating.

The beauty of doing this, however, was not in the throwing out, but in the discovery of everything I WILL use.  I found numerous face masks (brand new from subscription boxes), and fun products to pamper myself with.  I didn’t even know I had them until I cleaned out….literally.

clean bathroom

I’m so glad I took the time to organize and inventory as well.  I have enough toothpaste, deodorant, tooth brushes and soap to last quite a while.

Now, I can enjoy the fruits of my labor with something I LOVE to do, and it’s completely free.

a nice hot bath

How is your personal care supply?  Have you checked it lately?

How to read your mail and e-mails without spending money.


Participating in a  No Spend month has truly heightened my awareness to all the advertising that I’m subjected to on a daily basis, both with what I receive in my mailbox and in my inbox.

Here are some of the offers I received recently:

Erin Condren:  Buy 1 get 1 free on their covers.  I’m a HUGE Erin Condren fan, and have the life planner.  Covers are so.much.fun to interchange.  This is a good deal.

Kohl’s.   Received the golden ticket in the mail (30% off coupon) but it expires before the end of February.  Bummer.

Bath & Body Works:  Buy 3 get 3 deals PLUS 20% off.  Limited offer.  Oh how I love me some bath bubbles….

Coach Outlet – All bags 50% off!  Oh boy, this one physically hurts… ( 😉 )

Zoya Nail Polish – FREE!  Pay for shipping only!  This nail polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (phthalates) and lasts a long time.  Any time they have a sale, I purchase it.

And the list goes on and on….

Most offers I could easily pass up, but it is very likely that I would have purchased at least one of the offers above.   Do I need any of it?  Nope.   (Of course, these are not to be confused with what I posted about yesterday.  Getting deals on household items and personal care products that you need is different.)

So why are they so enticing?  Am I a woman easily swayed by shiny objects??


No I am not.

And I intend to fight back.

So…how am I going to read e-mails and mail without spending any money?  I’m not going to read them at all.

Instead of opening and reading these offers, they are going directly into the trash,

or recycle bin, if appropriate.


So, how many pieces of mail do you receive on a daily basis that are just begging to take all of your money?  How do you handle the influx of advertising in your life?


Hey all you Target & CVS shoppers…watch this!

Even though I will not be purchasing anything this month,  I wanted to share an incredible YouTube channel and website that outlines awesome deals at Target and CVS.  You all know I’m an avid CVS’er, but I never knew Target could be so lucrative in the coupon/deal world. I love the format of this site….they show you the deals, lead you to the coupons and pretty much handpick the super deals for you.


All you need is an Extra Care Card from CVS, and the Cartwheel App from Target to get started.  And, if you are really a huge saver, you can add the other shopping apps, such as Checkout 51, and Ibotta.

After you watch the video, you can go to the show notes here.  You will be able to download coupons, and actually see the deals in writing.  Why not try it for a week?  I know you will be hooked once you do!

Please let me know if you scored any of these deals in the comments! Would LOVE to get them vicariously through you! :)

What’s on my No Spend agenda this week.

We are into Week 2 of my No Spend, and it’s been a relatively easy challenge.  Of course, I haven’t been feeling very well, so staying in and snuggling up on the couch with a book has been a fairly easy thing to do. We are expecting more snow this week so I’m thinking I’ll be doing a lot more reading and snuggling on the couch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.48.14 AM

I do want to accomplish a few of the items on my No Spend List that I created:

  • Steam clean bedroom carpets (We have all the supplies on hand)
  • Finish kids’ taxes (should be easy since they are all 1040EZ) I will be mailing the Virginia taxes, as Virginia charges $19.95 to e-file.
  • Clean out bedroom closet and create capsule wardrobe for the rest of the winter (I hope to share how that turns out in a future post)
  • Pull a box of give-aways together for donation
  • Clean out inside of my car (It is a disaster since bringing Ben on our trip to NY)

That should be enough to do and keep me out of stores this week.

What are you up to this month?


No Spend February Challenge Update: The first week.

graphic piggy no spend 2016

It’s been seven days since I’ve started my No Spend February and I’ve only  had one snag this week!   Yep, my little mishap with my blog domain cost me $10.99.  Not a total blunder, as I would have had to pay for my domain anyway.

Here’s how the rest of the week went:

Monday, February 1st – Addressed and mailed baby shower invitations.  Dinner: Potatoes & Eggs, Buttered Toast.

Tuesday, February 2nd  Worked at my part time job for 8 hours.  Dinner: An interesting concoction of 1/2 bag of potstickers, 1/2 bag of perogies and 1 frozen bag of veggies stir fried with garlic and soy sauce.  It was yummy.

Wednesday, February 3 – Spent the morning fixing my blog and finishing my taxes.  Unfortunately I had to  fight with talk to several representatives at TurboTax because the e-filing wasn’t working.  It became excruciatingly painful, as each representative I spoke to had no clue what the issue was.  It took me all.day.long to fix.  In the end?

tax refund

Dinner: Homemade minestrone soup with baked rolls.

Thursday, February 4 Worked another full day.   Dinner: Crockpot chicken and rice.  Didn’t eat any, as I was sick most of the night. :(

Friday, February 5 – Happy Anniversary to my parents! We headed out early in the morning with packed lunches and Ben.  (Saved $50 in dog sitter fees!)  Filled up tank before we went: $16.61.  Dinner: At my parents.

Saturday, February 6 – An awesome day spent with family. :)  My daughter was able to make the trip with my granddaughter, Angelina Maria.  (By the way, there were TWO Angelina Maria’s in the pic.  Can you guess who the other one was?)

four generations

It was a big trip for Ben, too, as he was learning to share…and he did so well!

Image 3

We celebrated all day with delicious food and wonderful company!

Image 2

Don’t they look great after 60 years? :)

Gifts and food were purchased in January, so no cost there! :)

Sunday, February 7 – Another fill-up of gas ($31.00) and we headed home.  We brought leftovers in the car, as well as water, so no food stops for us!  Dinner:  Leftovers.

Total spent for the first week of my No Spend?

Blog domain:  $10.99

Gasoline: $47.61 (This amount will go towards my $300 gas budget, so doesn’t count as a ‘spend’)

I’d say that was a good start!

How is your spending or not spending going?



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