Good things.

Good things happening this weekend:

  • My sister is coming for a visit;
  • My daughter is coming home from college; (I’ve missed her!!)
  • My son is running in my FAVORITE cross country meet; and
  • The weather is supposed to be mid 70′s and sunny!

Needless to say, this little space will be quiet for a couple of days so I can enjoy all of my company.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A diagnosis, a postponement and another update.

Here’s the update:

Last Friday I received my blood test and 24 hr. urine test results.  All signs lead to a pheochromocytoma.

Pheochromocytoma is the ‘good’ tumor to have if I have to have one, apparently.  There is only a 10/20% chance of malignancy (depending on what website you read).  It has made me hopeful, and that’s a good thing.

With that diagnosis, came a change in my procedure schedule and an appointment with an endocrinologist to get appropriate meds. I’ll need to be on alpha blockers for at least 3 weeks before the actual surgery.  Yesterday, they cancelled my venagram procedure for a couple of weeks, to give the meds time to take effect.


I’m not going to stop what I’ve always been doing, so I will resume my regular blogging schedule.  Waiting will give me time to organize, get some meals in the freezer, and enjoy the beautiful weather in September.

Thank you again for the prayers, thoughts and comments.  They have truly lifted me up.  I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak, so your continued support and prayers are very welcome! :)




Menu planning. Getting through the week ahead.

With medical appointments, tests and work, our menu for this week has to be simple.  After looking in our fridge, pantry and freezer, here is what I’ve come up with this week:

Monday:  Cheeseburgers, ff’s, salad

Tuesday:  Freezer Meal:  Chicken soup, cheesy bread  (This is the day I have a medical procedure/testing to find out if the tumor is attached to my vein.  It’s a test that will last from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. which includes recovery time. Chicken soup is the food that can cure just about anything and all we have to do is thaw it out. :) )

Wednesday: Crockpot something. (I need to use up leftover chicken.  Any ideas?)

Thursday:  Shrimp Pad Thai

Friday:  Homemade Pizza (Husband makes this REALLY good)

Saturday:  Out to eat or ORDER in after x-country race. :) !

Of course, based on test results and other stuff, the order of this might be changed.  BUT, at least I have a plan.

What’s for dinner at your house this week?


What keeps me going….

Good news, bad news.

Okay, another update before the weekend.

The mammogram was CLEAR.  (Yay, I can keep my breasts).

However, the blood work and urine tests  indicated that my hormones are completely out of whack.  I’m producing WAY more hormones than I should be. Who would have guessed all those hot flashes and irregular periods meant something completely different from perimenupause??  Medically, this basically could mean the tumor is something a bit more serious such as cystic pheochromocytoma or adrenocortical carcinoma.  We won’t know until it comes out.

Of course, that won’t happen until I have one more test….next Tuesday.   After that test, I’ll have another meeting with the surgeon to either schedule the surgery, or talk to other surgeons if the vein is involved.

In the meantime, I wait.

I’m trying to keep the faith, but I’m scared.  I don’t like being caught off guard, and I just didn’t see this coming.


Thank you all again for your kind words, encouragement and prayers.   Please keep them coming…. I hope that my next post will be only good news.



A little bit of lighter fare.

Once again, your kind comments have lifted me up.  Something I really need right now.  I thought a little bit of a lighter post was in order for today.  My daughter posted this video on her Facebook page and it made me smile.  BIG smiles.  (Not easy to do these days…)

When I was in high school, my absolute favorite thing to do was perform with our marching band. I LOVED it.   I still have my band jacket, which is now, um, well 30 +  years old!  I love watching marching bands, so when I found this video of the Ohio State Marching Band’s halftime show, I had to share it.

This particular performance is based on TV Land shows, and I was so surprised that I recognized nearly every show’s theme song.  I think for some of them I had an advantage, being that I’m ahem 50 something, but there are some new shows in there for the younger crowd too.  I hope you watch it till the end, because the finale is so awesome!! (Hint:  It has something to do with a horse!)

How many TV show theme songs did you recognize?

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