We are here! And…it’s absolutely gorgeous!

It took us two days to get here, but it was worth it!


View from our deck

We just spent the whole day on the beach, starting with a 7:00 a.m. stroll on the sand dunes with thermos’s of coffee.  We swam, basked in the sun, went back to condo for lunch and then back out again.  We are now back in our condo, ready for a relaxing evening.  Hubby made me this delicious Pina Colada, and we are getting ready to make some dinner – grilled chicken, corn on the cob and steamed broccoli. I have already cooked spaghetti and meatballs and pasta primavera.

I originally thought we would be eating out every evening, but thought better of it when a huge chunk of cash was spent eating out on the ride down.  Instead, we opted to go to Publix and stock up on yummy fruits, veggies, cheese & crackers, chicken, steak and wonderful breakfast and lunch options.  I spent $250 on groceries for the week (splurged on all organic) — money well-spent.  Dinner out would have cost the four of us at least $75-$100 each night, and $250 will feed us all week, with leftovers.   By the way, here is a pic of our kitchen.  Who wouldn’t want to cook in this? :)


And, in case you are interested, here is the main floor of condo:


The weather is gorgeous here, a beautiful breeze by the water and, more importantly, beach chairs with a HUGE umbrella all set up waiting for us.  We are literally steps from the ocean, and wake up to a gorgeous view each morning.


Other activities we hope to do include a sunset dolphin cruise, fireworks on the boardwalk and parasailing.

I’m slowly but surely relaxing and I can’t help but think of how badly I needed this trip. Hubby and kiddos are treating me like a queen, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. :)

I’ll check in again later this week, with hopefully more pics to share!

It’s time for vacation!

Destin Yoga 039

After a very busy (baptism, shower, wedding, graduation) and sometimes stressful (the ending of my job) Spring, it’s time for a much needed week of sun, sand, crystal blue waters and REST.

We are off for our vacation to Destin, Fl!  So.very.excited.  I’ll be posting pics throughout the week to keep in touch.

Happy summer! :)

For my son. A graduation tribute.

Congratulations Joey!!!




Hi all.  So sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  Hubby went through two surgeries in the last two weeks, so I’ve been keeping busy.  All’s good now, thankfully.

We are gearing up for my son’s graduation (and party!) as well as our MUCH NEEDED vacation to Destin, Florida! WooHoo!

So many changes have been occurring lately, and I’m trying to adjust. My last day of work is June 25th.  I’ll be happy to have the time off, but not so sure about the lack of cash rolling in.  Kids will be leaving for college in August, leaving me with an empty house. (Well, not really, I still have my wonderful hubby and my boy Ben!)  I’m sure it will take some adjusting, but I have plans. :)

I have a long list of things I want to accomplish with my new found ‘freedom’, one of which is revamping this blog.  I’d like to take it in a different direction.   I’m leaning towards minimalism, simplicity, and healthy living, along with the money balance aspect.  There certainly is a lot to discuss there, right?

I hope to change the look of the blog as well, and develop this site into more of my home business.  (i.e. more posts, etc.)  Perhaps I’ll even get around to posting some videos that I’ve been promising. (Better lose that 30 lbs sooner, rather than later….)

I believe changes can be a good thing and I’m looking forward to the new path these particular changes are taking me on.

Any changes going on with you?

(P.S. Stay tuned for a really awesome giveaway this week!)

Another $1,000!

Last night we went to a Senior Awards Night at my son’s high school.  We knew that my son would be recognized for the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Emerging Leadership Scholarship, however we were surprised and delighted he received another scholarship…The Jeffrey J. Kaylor Memorial Scholarship.

Jeffrey Kaylor graduated from my son’s high school in 1997, where he then attended Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, ROTC Army.  He was commissioned in the Army after graduation, where he held the position of 1st Leutenant.  At the young age of 24, he was killed in a reconnaissance mission in 2003 while serving in Iraq.    Jeffrey’s parents wanted to keep his memory alive through this scholarship.

The Jeffrey J. Kaylor Memorial Scholarship ($1000) is in recognition of dedicated work towards excellence, perserverance to do your best and your genuine personality of trust and sincerity.

“We’re looking for the average kid, the kind who wilt inside the wall and people forget about,” said Roxanne Kaylor, in regards to the selection process. “Some times those kids are missed.”

ImageWhen my son received this award, it was a bit surreal for me.  My oldest daughter went to school with Jeff’s sister, so I remember when he was killed and the sadness around it.  Watching Jeff’s parents, who endured the unthinkable pain of losing their son, proudly offer up this scholarship to my son was very humbling to me.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Kaylor, and for all those who serve in the military and their families…putting your lives at risk for our freedom and safety is the ultimate in service.  I am forever grateful.


Saving money on household expenses with $20 a week.

CVS053115If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I LOVE CVS.  But over the past 6 months, I’ve kinda let it go.  I realized this was not a good thing after I ran out of deodorant and had to pay full price to get another stick.  Yikes!  When did deodorant become $5??  Not anymore.  Now that I’ve taken on the new position as a Frugalista (still love saying that… :) ), I felt it was about time to start again.  And what a great time to do so!  CVS has been smokin’ hot with deals!  This is my second week, and I’m pleased to say I’ve done really well.  (I’m completely stocked up on laundry detergent! )  And, as you can see from the above pic, I was able to stock up on hair color, soap, deodorant and cereal.  (And just so you know, I got that Snicker’s Bar for FREE)  I got $70 worth of products, for $14.74, AND I have another $3.00 of ECB’s for next week.   Not a bad start to savings.

However, I could easily go overboard with this type of shopping, and by doing so, I know I would burn out.  I’ve decided to give myself a limit of $20 a week to stock up.  That should keep my budget intact, as well as creae a nice little stockpile of household items without ever having to pay full price.  This will definitely help my household/personal care budget.

All of the work is done for me online.  I mainly use two sites to figure out deals:

This saves a tremendous amount of time, and what I like most is that you can print manufacturers coupons online.  No cutting, no inserts.  It works out great.

The best news is that I believe I can knock off another $50.00 (maybe even more!) a month from my budget just by couponing.  Not bad, right?

Do you coupon?  If so, where?


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