Our last day….

We have been having a wonderful time at the beach.  Each day was nicer than the next.  This is the first time I was not itching to go home, as I’m truly a homebody by nature.  I would stay another 7 days if I could.  The sun is amazing, as well as the emerald waters and white sandy beaches.  The southern hospitality has been amazing as well.

image_1464301631340When we took walks on the beach we found amazing sand sculptures… This one was particularly cool….image_1464301625981

We ended up going to the outlets three times, and each time we found amazing deals.  Of course, if you all remember I have a purse obsession, and having an outlet with Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors is a big draw….60% off didn’t hurt either.  Of course I wasn’t the only one that found deals.  I believe there were several purchases at Saucony and Vera Bradley.

I’ve noticed a big change in how I feel this week. Right before we left for vacation, I had numerous tests to find out why I was having pelvic pain. All tests for major ailments were negative.  After much research, I decided to go back to my primary care physician and get more blood work. (I’m not happy with my endocrinologist, but that’s another post).  I told her what blood work I felt I needed for my thyroid (based on my research).  She obliged, as she always does, and test results for my thyroid came back with further deficiencies.  She raised my dose of medicine slightly, and  I’ve been feeling much better since. No more pelvic pain.  I’ve been also taking  a bit of Vitamin D and laying in the sun which really has been most therapeutic.

I’m hoping that by feeling better  it will give me more energy to finally, finally lose these extra pounds that are dragging me down.  30 to be exact.

Anyway, we are leaving this incredible place to go home tomorrow. I hope the sun will follow us.

And when I return, I’ll be back to more frequent blogging.  I know there is another financial challenge in the works…Right Angela??



An early summer vacation = unexpected benefits.


Good Morning!  This is my view this morning, as I’m having my morning coffee…  Not bad, right?

After 20+ days of rain and dreary weather, we are on vacation!  We are at the same condo as last year {click here}.  Internet is a bit shaky in the condo, so I’ll be posting a lot of my vacation pictures on my Instagram account, (midlifemommusings). In case you are interested. 😉 )

We drove to Savannah, GA on Friday, then arrived at beautiful Miramar Beach on Saturday.

After getting settled into the condo, we went out to a delicious restaurant where we had local cuisine, including delicious red snapper, fish tacos and shrimp/scallop combos.  It was our ‘one’ nice meal out, as it was on the pricey side, but ohhh soooo delicious!


We will, however, be eating most of our meals from our condo deck.  And, with a view like this, why not?

View from condo

Yesterday we celebrated my son’s birthday with parasailing and a dip in the ocean.  Besides having an awesome time up in the air, we were able to see dolphins playing in the water and a navel air show all in the same boat trip.

May seems to be a great time to be in Florida, especially before Memorial Day.  The beaches aren’t crowded, the weather is high 80’s and everything seems to be less expensive.  Our condo was almost $1000 less, parasailing was 25% less and gas prices are still low, which made the trip down very affordable.  There are other benefits too!  While we were parasailing, they were able to spend more time with us and took us to where the dolphins were playing.  They also extended our time in the air as well!

It’s funny.  The only reason we planned a May vacation was so that our kids could take summer classes and work at the start of June, however it appears to be a win-win all the way around. :)

Our plans for the week are to enjoy the beautiful ocean and R-E-L-A-X.  Not a bad way to end a very wet spring. :)


1001 Ways to Live Wild – A little book of everyday adventures. :)

There are many reasons I blog, and one of those reasons is that I get the opportunity to review books that I would not have picked up on my own.

Recently I was asked to review Barbara Ann Kipfer‘s latest book, 1,001 Ways to Live WILD  and was quite happy to do so.  I felt it was perfect timing for an upbeat book, especially with all the medical testing and junk I’ve been through recently. (More on that in another post…) 

I have to say Barbara had me hooked on this book from her introduction. It was like she wrote this book just for me.

For me, writing this book came at a great time.  My husband and I are adjusting to an empty nest while contemplating what to do with our later years….this got me thinking about the many turning points in life: graduations, first jobs, big birthdays, relationship beginnings and endings, marriage, parenthood, retirement…

I hope this book will help jump-start anyone who is approaching a new beginning or needs a jolt of “get out there and live.”

The entries in this book are serendipitiously offered, so you can either read straight through or go wild(!) browsing them.

Wow.  How in the world did she know that’s how I prefer to read books? LOL.

This isn’t your usual fiction/non-fiction book with characters and a plot.   There’s no story line. Each page offers new ideas, inspirational quotes, thought provoking ideas and, yes, some truly wild things to add to a bucket list. This is a book that you can keep on your coffee table or bedside table to pick up when you want a bit of inspiration.  And who couldn’t use a little inspiration, right?

Of course, some of the suggestions were a bit out there for me.

494.  Have a seance in a cemetery

Um, I don’t think so.

And then there were some that were needed reminders:

21.  Live each day as if it were your last, but learn each day as if you will live forever.

31. Eat slowly and savor the moment.

36. When someone annoys you, say absolutely nothing for one minute.  To pause instead of react feels very empowering,

617.  To live a more efficient life, do things now, without procrastinating.  You will be amazed by how much better you feel and by how much more you accomplish.

And then there were some things that I’ve already done:

22.  Witness the birth of a human or an animal.  It’s an experience you will never forget.


Besides my own four kids, I got to experience it with this beautiful girl!

And, then of course, there were some that I actually acted on.

577. Sail across an ocean.

Yep.  I booked a cruise! (More on that soon!)  I guess getting this book turned out to be more expensive than I thought….

There were also quotes that inspired me to remember to appreciate each and every day no matter what the season.

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” – Henry David Thoreau

Anyway, I LOVED this book, and continue to pick it up and peruse the numerous ideas, quotes, and lists.  To be completely honest, I didn’t finish this book, mainly because I want to savor it for a while (and I’m afraid I’ll go broke trying out to “live wild” all at once.)

Thank you TLC Tours for thinking of me when putting together your tour.  This book is definitely a keeper. :)

About Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Barbara Ann Kipfer has written more than 60 books of wit and inspiration, including 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, The Wish List, Instant Karma as well as numerous others.  Kipfer holds Ph.D.s in linguistics, archaeology, and Buddhist studies.


For more reviews, please visit:

A quick update.

Sweet Addie got a clean bill of health today from the cardiologist. She doesn’t need to return to see him for another couple of months.  She’s growing leaps and bounds too!  We just adore her. image_1461885159739

In other news, my biopsy came back clear.  I have one more test on Friday to check my small intestines because of the location of the pain, but after that, I think I’ve exhausted almost everything that it could possibly be.  Good grief.

I have been researching all sorts of information on Hashimoto’s, and leaky gut disease and all the symptoms a toxic gut can cause. (I seem to have quite a few of them.)  I’m slowly but surely changing my diet.  For the next couple of weeks, I’m eating gluten-free to see if it makes any difference.  It appears that the protein in gluten doesn’t interact very well with my auto-immune disease.  I want to feel better, so I will do what I have to do.  Give up pasta?  Heck no.  Just changed the brand and ingredients of the pasta.  Just add some homemade tomato sauce, and it’s just as delicious!  ( A little more pricey, but doable.)


The best brown rice pasta EVER!

Other allergens that could be causing pain is dairy, soy, eggs, caffeine, and, of course refined sugar.  My gastroenterologist wants me to eliminate one of these at a time.  We’ll see how this all plays out.

With everything that has been going on, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and frumpy, so I spent all some of my money on a hair color, highlight and cut.


If you saw what it looked like when I walked into the salon, I would say it was a bit of an improvement.  First time ever with highlights, and not quite sure I’m 100% loving it.  It’s a bit lighter than I usually wear my hair.  What do you think?

*Hopefully* I’ll be posting a bit more regularly, but kids are due to be home from college over the next weekend, so life is going to get really busy again.  Still…I have lots of stuff I want to share with you, including our upcoming trip to Florida and a possible {*fingers crossed*} cruise to the Pacific Coastline.

Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed.  So…..time to plan some fun into my life.


An update for Addie.


The procedure was a success, and her valve opened right up.  However it will take a couple of days to get her breathing steady while she eats.  She is still working hard to pump her blood through her valves. This picture was taken less than 24 hours after her procedure. No more IVs, no more oxygen, happily sleeping after filling up her tummy. :)  Of course, Mama won’t put her down and his been holding her the whole time. :)

As soon as her breathing steadies, and she continues to improve, she may be able to go home with Mom and Dad on Friday.

Thank you again, for all of your prayers and comments.  It has helped us get through a very stressful time.

A beautiful day.

We arrived in Blacksburg, Virginia in plenty of time to watch my son march into the Upper Quad after finishing his 13 mile hike for the last phase of his Corps of Cadet training.


It was a beautiful sunny day, with temps in the low 60’s.  The mood was light and exciting all at the same time.

turningThe ‘turning’ part is when they ‘about face’ to the upper classmen who were standing right behind them.  (Freshman were not allowed to socialize with upper classmen all year..until today.)  Lots of hugs and high-5’s went on for about 30 minutes.  So awesome to watch.

I was patiently waiting my turn….image_1460839856553 At the end of the ceremony, we waited for our new ‘sophomore’ cadet to change and hang out with us.  As luck would have it, there was a chocolate festival going on within walking distance of the campus.  Yep, you heard that right. CHOCOLATE.

Chocolate festival

While walking around, chomping on delectable chocolate samples, the most amazing thing happened.  I met my artist IDOL, P. Buckley Moss!!!  I have been collecting her artwork for over 30 years!! :)


Pat and me. :)

Could this day get any better???


Yep. :)


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