I can relax now.

After seeing these pics last night, I slept like a baby.  He is in his element and that’s all I wanted needed to see.

joey day 4 down wall

joey 4th day

{Left} after rappelling down a 40ft wall


Completely preoccupied this week

I haven’t posted much over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been completely preoccupied with college stuff, and worrying thinking about my son.  Since I’m preoccupied with it, I thought I’d blog about it, if only for my own memories…

Just so you know, it was not the usual drop off to college.  I’ve done the first day drop off to college three times, but this one was different.  This one is in bootcamp at VT in the Corps of Cadets. For one week, while he is ‘training’, there will be no phone, no computer, no contact.  This Momma is a bit uneasy with that one.

Thankfully, we are able to ‘stay in touch’ so to speak through pictures on the Commandant’s Facebook page.  (Yes, I reinstated Facebook for this very reason.)    It updates us on what the Cadets are doing, what they are eating, when they are sleeping, etc.

It’s been a bit difficult to locate my son, as it’s been a game of ‘Where’s Baldo”. Here is an example:

Thankfully, we were able to pick him out of some of the pictures taken:

joe 2nd day

Second to last cadet.

cadet week Day 1-2

First row middle left, w/glasses.

joey 3rd day

Middle left.

He looks so serious, doesn’t he? I can’t wait to hear all about it this weekend when we go back to Blacksburg for the New Cadet Parade.  We will be able to take him for the weekend and probably watch him SLEEP for 24 straight hours…. 

Hope you are all having a nice week! :)

So much harder than I thought it would be.

I thought I had it under control.  I thought I was prepared.  Holy moly, was I ever wrong.  Saying good-bye yesterday was really hard…..


but coming home to an empty house was even harder.  :(

By the way, I needed every single one of those tissues…..

Gearing up for a lifestyle change.

Although this cartoon is partially true, I am sad that my youngest is leaving in 4 days.   We just finished paying the first semester tuition/room and board bill for both of my college bound kids, and we were so pleased that we were able to do it.  Giving them a head start, without the burden of student loans, makes us happy.  It is our gift to them.  (I’ll talk more about what they are required to contribute to the mix in another post).

I am thinking about the changes that are about to take place in my life, my new role and how I’ll spend my days.  I’ve been a Mom for more than 29 years, so this will be unchartered territory.  I’ve also always worked in some capacity, and now that I’m ‘retired’, I have even more time on my hands.

What will I do with all of this free time?


I have a very long project list that will take me until Christmas to complete. {Details will be coming}  I will be traveling to visit family, starting Yoga classes, and downsizing the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated in my home.

I will read.

I will learn a new language.

I will run a 5K.

I will host game nights with our friends. We’ll build a firepit for the cool Fall nights.

The possibilities are endless, really.  I now have the time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m excited and sad at the same time.

A  lifestyle I’ve led for 29 years is coming to end, BUT another is just beginning.

I’m ready.

(I’ll throw a box of tissues in the car when we leave in four days….just in case I’m not quite there yet….)

Deleting Facebook

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve decided to delete my Facebook page.  As much as I LOVE seeing what everyone is doing, I don’t like the lack of privacy I have with it.  Due to some recent strange activity, it seems like the most prudent thing to do.

Should you buy organic?

Food seems to be a hot topic lately.  You can make yourself CRAZY with all of the documentaries, news articles, studies, etc.  Eat red meat, don’t eat meat, eat whole dairy, don’t eat dairy, get rid of wheat, don’t eat sugar, eat gluten free, etc. etc.   Recently I admit I ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ and made the conscious decision to buy most of my produce/dairy/fruit organic.  And, it’s come at an astronomical price, I might add. 

But is organic really the better choice, or even what it appears to be?

Recently my husband sent me this article from Forbes magazine, (yes, I know, yet another news article about food).  But this one was outlining the dangers of paying 100% mark-up for items labeled ‘organic’.  The article, The Colossal Hoax of Organic Agriculture, went on to say that  ‘organic’ pesticides can be just as toxic as non-organic ones.  What????

As evolutionary biologist Christie Wilcox explained in a 2012 Scientific American article (“Are lower pesticide residues a good reason to buy organic? Probably not.”): “Organic pesticides pose the same health risks as non-organic ones.”

In a classic study, UC Berkeley biochemist Bruce Ames and his colleagues found that “99.99 percent (by weight) of the pesticides in the American diet are chemicals that plants produce to defend themselves.”

If that’s not bad enough, it continued to say that organic testing can be false, and what you think you are buying, may not be the healthiest after all.

Few organic consumers are aware that organic agriculture is a “trust-based” or “faith-based” system. With every purchase, they are at risk of the moral hazard that an organic farmer will represent cheaper-to-produce non-organic products as the premium-priced organic product. For the vast majority of products, no tests can distinguish organic from non-organic—for example, whether milk labeled “organic” came from a cow within the organic production system or from a cow across the fence from a conventional dairy farm. The higher the organic premium, the stronger the economic incentive to cheat.

Think such nefarious behavior is purely theoretical? Think again. USDA reported in 2012 that 43 percent of the 571 samples of “organic” produce tested violated the government’s organic regulations and that “the findings suggest that some of the samples in violation were mislabeled conventional products, while others were organic products that hadn’t been adequately protected from prohibited pesticides.”

Why are we all so quick to jump on the organic band wagon?  Is it, in fact,  just a marketing ploy to get health conscious people to pay the 100% mark-up?  Are we getting just as many damaging toxins as in non-organic produce?  I’m sure there are a bunch of articles out there spouting the value of organic products.  But who do you believe?

Since I can’t be sure of the right answer to those questions, I’ve decided to try a different approach to food.

I will buy real food.  Not processed, not sugar laden, but real, wholesome, good food.  I may or may not buy organic.  I will, as I always do, wash my fruit and veggies.  I will try to purchase grass fed meat if the budget allows.  I will also take the time to make homemade  EVERYTHING.  (You know, like homemade salad dressing, bread, pasta with REAL ingredients.  I think this may be a better way to eat, without breaking the bank, or by purchasing everything organic.

What do you think?  Do you buy organic?



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